White Hides

I am not one for throwing animal skins on the floor, real or fake. And just when the words "I would never" are about to jump off my lips, I stumble onto something that makes me totally consider it.  I found these on my fave photographers site, Jean Allsopp, so I don't have the scoop on the flooring or the rest of the house, but I have to say, the layering and shape of these rugs over the massive plank wood flooring is fabulous. Interior Design but a superb talent, Betsy Brown.

Tis the Season

I always love the look and smell of a house that is decorated for the holidays.  I often wish we could keep the greenery up all year long. It's probably why I gravitate more towards holiday trimmings that can endure the season. In Canada, that means October to January. I might get tired of the glitter, but I am totally up for keeping a simple green wreath up right through to February.  As you would imagine, I am seriously admiring the florals in this holiday home.  Beautiful green wreaths, cedar garland, a giant ball of magnolia leaves, and white orchids thrown in the mix of, A simple and subtle selection to say 'tis the season. The trick is to get the typical Christmas colours, with not so typical arrangements. It also helps if the backdrop for your decor  has the charm and character of this fabulous country house. 

Happy Decorating! 

Photos are via Jean Allsopp 
Interior Design (unknown) 
(if anyone recognizes these please let me know, so I can give proper credit)

Bright Holiday House

I love this tree. I love that it reminds me of my childhood with every colour imaginable hanging off it. I love that it matches nothing in the rest of the house, I love that I can't see the tacky ornaments that have been collected over the years that make for great memories.( I just know they are there). I love that blue ornament that is just popping out at me that doesn't look like it belongs, but has earned his spot on the annual Christmas tree. Every year I struggle with the tree, because my heart wants a perfectly colour coordinated tree, and my kids want to fill it with home made crafts, and as many colours as possible.  This year, I am giving in and letting the tree take a life of it's own.  

This beautiful and elegant home belongs to interior designer Beth Ervin, and her family,  It's filled with delightful treasures, given a new life in a modern, bright and elegant setting.  And well you all know how much I love green, so of course, I am taking many cues. The collections of green glazed pottery is killing me with fabulous. And although we don't have a full view of the dining room rug, it has my full attention.  

Happy Decorating

All Images from Atlanta Homes Magazine

Hand Picked Pretty

Since I stumbled across the Floral Design Blog, Tulipina, I have been visiting frequently for inspiration. Receiving a bright bouquet of flowers can make anyone's day. But let me tell you, these pictures are making me pretty happy just the same. It takes a real talent to gather this delightful species, co-ordinate colours, and shapes, and then play around with arrangements of length and fullness.  If you have ever fiddled around with a store bought bouquet, you know it takes time and patience to perfect.  So with that, I leave you with this lovely photo gallery that I found on Kiana Underwood's blog, and hope that it will inspire you for your thanksgiving table.  (All photos by Nathan Underwood)  And you should check out her series titled Humans with Bouquets, because its brilliant!  

Everyday Luxury - Fabrics by Ivan Meade

When I first saw the picture above pop into my facebook feed, I thought,what is this vision of beauty? Yes, she is lovely, but look at that fabric. I couldn't fully explore until this evening, but when I learned that Ivan Meade launched this breathtaking line of designer fabrics, I was instantly enamored. Ivan, of course, is an exceptionally talented Designer, based in Victoria, B.C. but his work spans throughout North American and Europe. And it isn't just Interiors, his scope of work includes some incredible work in Graphic Design and Branding. Naturally, this line of fabric is a culmination of his life's work and experiences over the past 20 years.  

Every pattern does indeed have a story, and every story makes me appreciate the art and thoughtful nature of each delicate design.  Below and above is Grabado, an homage to Ivan's favorite artist Matthäus Merian (1593-1650).  I love that for me, this pattern reminds me of the beautiful ripple effect on water when the sun is setting. One of my favorite gifts from Mother Nature.    

Just a sample (above) of stripes and textures from Ivan Meade's new collection.

My personal aesthetic is rooted in classic, elegant and timeless design. I have a hard time committing to bold colours and patterns. These wonderful patterns I could easily commit to,  And the colours are so subtle, with names like Miel (Honey) and Cenote (Google it!). You too will not resist how they compliment one another. This fabulous pattern is called Vista Hermosa - inspired by the tile patters in his grandparents home. It's so delicate, but a so sophisticated. 

Below is Vista Hermosa - in Cenote

If you get a chance, you should hop over to explore the entire line, that includes geometrics, and silks, linens and some incredible textures. Below is Mariposa - in Carbon, a modern toile, inspired by Ivan's mother, whose style mixes updated interpretations of the classics. It's perfection.

Congratulations Ivan! What an incredible collection you have created.  

All images via Ivan Meade.


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