Heart of the House

The lovely Suzanne Kasler is at it again. This past month, (Oct 2013) she was featured in Veranda Magazine for some colorful work in Connecticut. She really knows where to make a statement, and where to create comfort. This is the family room of the home, where she opted to keep things mostly neutral, and then tied in some of the colours used throughout the home. Packed with casual comfort and elegance, this stylish gathering spot is no doubt the heart of the house.

The stone fireplace is subtle, with a brilliant piece of work that does double duty as art piece, and TV decoy.  The highly stylish silver leather wing chair on the right, is partnered with a casual basket of wood to the left. It's perfection.   I will let you explore the rest of the home at suzannekasler.com.
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High Style Inside and Out

Did you miss me?  I missed me. It's good to be back! Especially since I stumbled on to this beauty and couldn't wait to share it. Found on the pages of AD, it's the Beverly Hills home of two well traveled, and super stylish Lucky Brand executives.  I am in admiration of how every corner of this home is filled with delightful details. From artwork and sculpture, to end tables stacked with books, and mini ottomans tucked under consoles. A natural color scheme, and the delightful pops of color. The entrance hall is graced with the presence of a beautiful antique marble top wrought iron table. What a dramatic way to invite the world in.

I love a home with good nooks and crannies, and this study certainly tops my list of ideal hideouts.  Perfect for reading, working, or banishing yourself to when the kids drive you nuts.

Look at the fabulous details in this room.  The night stands are a slightly smaller scale than you might be used to.  The window is covered with roman shades, and drapery, there is an armoire of sorts, pushed into the corner, and a comfy chaise. But it all plays out wonderfully calm, with classic white lamps and a mostly soft colour scheme.  

Every ounce of effort that went into the inside of this home, went into the outside as well.  Often you see a well manicured lawn, or poolside retreat, but nothing like this.  The outdoor dining area is complete with a beautiful server, there is also a full kitchen (not shown) and living area, with a charming pool and guesthouse.  And the number one decorating accessory; plants.  Potted, planted and picked!

I am off for now, hope you have a fab weekend.

See more incredible pictures at AD.

Townhouse Envy

Oh Spring is in the air! I can smell the trees, and the sun shines bright and the cold of winter has finally subsided. In case you haven't noticed I have been hiding under a rock lately.  Thanks for all your emails and notes, and for sticking with me while I took a few breaths.  So here I sit browsing from Architectural Digest, to the portfolio of Architect Steven Harris, to his press page, and then to Elle Decor to find that this breathtaking townhouse belongs to Francesca Connolly of Remodelista.  The images shown are from Steven Harris's site, and it was styled a little differently for Elle Decor. Nonetheless, every detail is delicious.  From the velvety fabrics, to the trim under the staircase, to the steel windows, and the hand carved fireplace mantels, this refreshing spaces mixes modern, traditional, elegance and casual. 

Images via Steven Harris

A Neutral Mix

Just when I start to thinking that neutral is too safe, I stumble across something that reminds me of how smart it actually is.  This Atlanta home is clearly built on this foundation.  The homeowners have a great art collection that injects colour and energy into some of the gathering rooms.  And you can see that they are entertainment ready! But there are still quiet and calm spaces too.  How about that fabulous kitchen and breakfast room! It's bold but not harsh.  The bedroom is so cozy too.  And take note: sometimes we worry about the windows and walls all lining up perfectly.  The night table is siting in the middle of a wall and a window, and it's the drapery that forms a lush backdrop.   

Images via Atlanta Homes Mag
Interior Design Howard Design Studio

Modern Glamour in Paris

Did you miss me?  I missed me.  After some much needed time to breathe I am back for 2013. I'll be posting backwards for a couple of weeks as well, because I missed so much over the holidays, and I need to fill the gaps for reference this year.  But in the meantime, I am in love with this Paris apartment featured on Elle D├ęcor.  This 19th century home had been vacant since 1963.  Can you imagine stumbling into something like this?  Vacant and hollow, with all the original architecture still in tact.  Danish designer, Klavs Rosenfalck, added some modern affection for a remarkable impact. Not a direction I would have taken, but splendid for exactly that reason.
Hope you are all well.. Looking forward to catching up!
Images via Elle Decor


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