What Sits Outside Your Window


Designer: Richard Hallberg/Barabara Wisely, Greystone Estate, Veranda March 2009

Designer: Thomas Pheasant, Thomas Pheasant.com

Designer: Thomas Pheasant, thomaspheasant.com

Designer: Susan Marinello, Traditional Home October 2008

Designer: Ron Marvin, ronmarvin.com

Pull back the draperies and let the light shine in. Daylight or moonlight. There is no more beautiful backdrop than Nature's green. Green that gleams from the new buds of spring, or hides under the white blanket of winter. The perfect start to any day begins with the inspiration that sits right outside your window.

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  1. I love this room. The color palette is lucious and the window panes are stunning!

  2. I love these rooms too, but I think some of those windows are crying for window treatments...maybe some pretty flowing sheers in the last picture?

  3. Well that leads us to a very important question...To treat or not to treat.. the windows ?

    Is a room considered incomplete without a proper window treatment? Can the view outside the window be all the treatment it needs?

  4. I find the room to be refreshing, bathed in the natural light; however, not all days are sunny and the evening hours can make this look like a "black hole", without the added texture. Sometimes rooms can be photographed, in the best light, and then there is the reality of being in the actual space. That reality may not be the most welcoming.


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