Green With Envy


Located in Brussels, this home belonging to Belgian Couturier Edouard Vermeulen is a serene retreat. Shades of green drench this dwelling from inside out. Elegant antiques are scattered throughout, while contemporary art creates a simple destraction. The beauty and charm come from balance; of colour, furnishings and florals. Everything has it's place, and nothing overwhelms. There is time to enjoy every detail, even in a quick glance.
Photo Credit: Veranda Jan - Feb, 2007. Interiors, Edouard Vermeulen, Photography Francis Amiand

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  1. Absolutely stunning house and grounds! The rooms are beautifully down and the colors are so serene. I love that some of the paint is distressed and the gold guilding has been toned down. That is probably what makes it so soothing. You dont have brightly painted moldings or super shiny furniture. Great post!

  2. I love your blog! I just found it!! Will be reading it all just as soon as I can!!


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