And then, there is Zen



Decor, Spring/Summer 2009
A 3000 Sq ft terrace, surrounded by Chicago's cityscape, has got to be a lifetime of good Karma. This space, created by Richar Interiors of Chicago and Landscape architect Hoichi Kurisu, is breathtaking. Incredible views of the city balanced with Japanese inspired gardens creates a truly harmonic retreat for a Chicago Couple. Outside, the penthouse is surrounded by a number of divided rooms. A spa, dining room, sun room, even a seating area that doubles as a home office, all in a peaceful outdoor setting. Inside, the mix of various wood furnishings plays with the natural greenery outdoors. Walnut flooring, oak tables, and an over sized maple credenza give warmth and depth to a vast space while neutral tones and dark brown accents add to the serenity. And then, there is Zen, for there is no doubt that this space will lead to at least a little enlightenment.
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