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Promised Land - Encaustic and Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Panel

Bring us to your shore - Encaustic and Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Panel
Freedom Under the Sun - Encaustic and Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Panel

Other Gods Before Us 1- Encaustic and Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Panel

Your Kingdom Come 11- Encaustic on Panel

Pain Through Gain - Encaustic and Mixed Media on Plexiglass and Panel

Photo Credit: Home and Design

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Take a moment to sit back and study these beautiful inspired compositions by Artist Dusty Griffith. The colour, shape and depth of each piece,soothing; calming and captivating. Intended to project peace and spirituality, these magnicent works are each to be admired with contemplation. Painted on salvaged materials and plexiglass, each painting is more luminous by light and reflection. A room adorned in such a brilliant piece of artwork would surely be a place of peace, rest and reflection.
All images taken from Bill Lowe Gallery
A very special Thank you to Things that Inspire, for bringing my attention this wonderful artist.

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  1. Really soft yet strong. Love the 3rd one.
    thank you for sharing!
    great blog!


  2. this is incredibly soothing...what a magnificent environment...just adore it

  3. What beautiful artwork.
    You're right they are very soothing.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog!
    Your blog is lovely.


  4. Oh V. these are so beautiful. So soft and yes soothing. The 2Other Gods Before Us 1-" is perfect. Thank you for another lovely post!

  5. I really love the work of Dusty Griffith. In the spring, I took my daughter to a playdate and was stunned to see the most beautiful Dusty Griffith painting I had ever seen in the family's dining room. The entire dining room was designed around the painting!

  6. You're so right, I do love this! How neat that he paints on salvaged materials and plexiglass.

    I had never heard of him, so I greatly appreciate you mentioning him to me!


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