Dining in Style


Barry Dixon

Elissa Cullman
Mica Ertegun
Mariette Himes Gomez

McAlpine, Booth & Ferrier

Suzanne Kasler

Nancy Price
. Charles Faudree
Ashley Whitaker

Gary McBourne

Keller Donovan

Thad Hayes

A formal dining room is a very special place in a home. Here is where family and friends come together to celebrate. It's the room that will have the most pictures taken in it, because you can get the most number of people into a single frame. And it's a room that you will look back on with many fond memories. It is no wonder why many considerations go into planning the perfect room for entertaining. Do you typically have big parties, or small intimate ones - or both. How do you serve your meals, elegantly plated or help yourself. Are you a group of adults who linger with a glass of wine afterwards or are you outnumbered by children who are anxious to get the eating over with.
Sophisticated formal or Casual classic, your dining room says a lot about who you are. A round table is perfect for engaging in stimulating conversation. A server nearby is great for avoiding frequent trips to the kitchen. A generous sized room is ideal for creating a good flow of traffic. Whether your gatherings are large or small, formal or casual, simple or sophisticated there are some key elements to dining in style. Comfortable seats will make your guests want to stay a while, a little colour will give a lot of energy, a dramatic light fixture will make you feel like celebrating, a floral arrangement for liveliness, and big windows so you can let natural light in and avoid feeling crowded. With a little food & some good company, your dining room will be the space for making beautiful memories and perfect pictures.
Photo Credits: House Beautiful, Veranda, Architectural Digest

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  1. The Barry Dixon Dining room at the top rocks!

  2. I love the second one (Elissa) for it's brightness and casual feeling. I also love seeing a rug under the table to anchor the room.

    They're all beautiful.

  3. For me it all about the round table...it gives your dinners more of a connection to eveyone & thats the most important reason for dining togther..at least I feel so & Im a foodie!!!
    I love Mariettes & Kellers rooms best: opposite ends of the style world but so wonderful!!!!

  4. I love a beautiful dining room (and saw some I just love in your pics), but we almost never use ours. We'll be down-sizing soon and if there is a dining room in that house, I think I will be repurposing it into a library/dining room (but mostly a library).

  5. Love them
    I love the colours in the Gary McBourne room

  6. Vitania, what beautiful rooms. You always have such special posts!

  7. I love the dining area that has the candles hanging over the table. You can never have too many candles in the house. I love candle light. So relaxing.

  8. Beautiful rooms! Especially love the light airy feel of the Ashley Whitaker room

  9. Mica Ertegun's is beautiful. Thanks for high lighting dining rooms. It's a shame that for so many people, they are an overlooked and unused room. Eating together, especially when you have to make the time to do it, is about as rewarding and fulfilling an experience as being alive affords. Long live the dining room!

  10. What gorgeous spaces!
    I am really drawn to those round tables!


  11. Hey just a tip, I would sprinkle the copy in the pictures, by the time I get to the end and see a couple of long paragraphs I don't read the whole thing. Love your blog, always elegant and beautiful things to see here.

    love the Ashley Whittaker dining room the best!

  12. Love the Mica Ertegun dining room's design!

  13. I worked for Elissa Cullman before starting my business. I love the dining room of hers you picked!


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