French Twist


House Beautiful, Sara Scaglione
This wonderful property located in Austin TX, is home to a young couple and their 11 yr old daughter. They wanted ta home that reflected an Elegant Beach House, and it certainly feels like just that. With a wonderful French Twist. Sara Scagilone is the designer responsible for this beautiful serene interior. As the owner of Houston based business, Shabby Slips, there is no shortage of slipcovers in this home. Belgian linens, cover sofas and chairs, and the result is refreshing and relaxed. It's also very functional. When it comes to creamy whites sofas and chairs, slipcovers are the only way to go.
Some really wonderful details, are the mix of modern with antique French pieces. The subtle mix creates plenty of impact. Also, the window coverings hang a few inches below the ceilings, as opposed to, a few inches above the window, that emphasized the high ceilings. Very striking. But the real treat is the window seat off to the side of the fireplace. It's the perfect escape, by a warm window, to curl up to a great book. Especially if you are an 11 yr old.

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  1. What a stunning home! Thanks for sharing it with us, a wonderful start to my Monday morning.

    Leeann x

  2. So many beautiful rooms! I love the kitchen and family/living room being open, the bathroom is lovely, and even the patio looks welcoming and inviting.

  3. A gal of any age would delight in that home.
    Nothing shabby about the slips! The music on the site is so lovely too.

  4. wow, what a lovely home - I'd love to live there! Love the outdoor setting furniture too, very "in" at the mom!

  5. My thought was immediately the same as yours... what a great place to curl up with a book!


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