Modern Antiquities


This 4000 sq foot residence in Mississippi is home to interior designer Nancy Price. She collaborated with her husband, a builder, to design this magnificent retreat. It is filled with warm sandy tones, and then dollops of beautiful blues.

In her interview with House Beautiful, she responded wonderfully to a questions about whether or not she was a modernist or traditionalist. "At heart, I'm a modernist. I begin with modern bones. But my love of collecting won't let me live that way, because I still love antiquity — a beautiful reliquary, an old master painting, or a great old gilt piece. So my design is a study in contrasts". This is truly evident in the composition of her home. It may be filled with antiques and reliquaries, but is is scaled down, and simplistic, giving it a modern edge.
A beautiful contrast to a crisp and clean kitchen, is an old beat up leather smoking chair. And above, a linen slip covered breakfast bench, mixes formal and casual.

This master bedroom is a romantic escape. The blue-gray, creams and golds make it luxurious and relaxing. Draperies are taken way up to the ceiling. Art and gold finished chairs frame a beautiful blue buffet de corps, which houses a TV. Four poster bed my Mark Hampton.
It is a memorable pleasure to step inside the home of a newly built residence owned by a designer and a builder. Nancy Price and husband John have created a remarkable collaboration that marries, form, function and design.
All images from House Beautiful.

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  1. I love this house - I read this feature when it came out, but I got to the point where I recognized the individual images, and forgot that they came from the same house. I love that Bobo console with the framed sketches above it.

  2. This is a wonderful house! Nancy Price her work is VERY CLASSY!!!
    It is really my style!
    The breakfast room with the breakfast bench is an eye-catcher to me!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!In Belgium I don't find the Magazine House Beautiful!


  3. What a beautiful house. I think I love the dining room the most and it's interesting that she thinks of herself as both a modernist and traditionalist. I think I am too.

  4. What a great house. I like how she mixes the leather chair in the FR with the delicate French detail at the table. I like the colors she uses in the home.

  5. What beauty to behold!
    Her credo is wonderful and I feel similar:
    I feel modern and love ALL great design, handed down the centuries!
    Those rooms are simply gorgeous!

  6. This is gorgeous. (Particularly the dining room!) Too funny, I think I have the same light fixture, or quite close! I love and completely relate to her style philosophy. I keep bouncing back and forth, but in the end, go with pieces that I love, no matter if they are modern or traditional...also, I would love to have the mirror in her bedroom -- just stunning :)

  7. this place is gorgeous!!

    i would never have guessed the location of this home to be in mississippi.
    it could have been anywhere.
    it is truly a jewel.

  8. I could move into this home tomorrow... the living room has my name written all over it. I love the way she answered the question - and in fact, I would have answered it the opposite. "At heart I am a traditionalist, but love of modern lines has me streamlining my antiques!"

  9. Love this house. The color combos are so soothing.


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