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I am thrilled when I stumble across an interior that offers a pleasant surprise around every corner. Some are more subtle than others, but always something beautiful and exciting to take in. I invite you to experience it here, in this Manhattan townhouse designed by Steven Gambrel. Start with this recurring theme of circles and squares that is carried throughout in panelling, lighting & art.

The textures that fill this town create incredible depth, as if you are just sinking into a room. From Wall coverings, (which look like sea grass) flooring, draperies, and seating fabric the selection is superb. The ceiling above is in orange lacquer, and is reflective. This lounge chair below with ottoman covered in Missoni (inspired) fabric is a visual delight.

As you would expect from a well thought design, the bedroom is neutral in colour, soft and calming. The rug is perfect for bare feet, big and small ones. Not included in this gallery are the images of children's rooms, but you can view them here. Below is a luxurious bathroom, with glass tile, cabinetry that carries the circle and square theme and gorgeous granite counter and flooring, I have seen this granite many times in showrooms, but have never seen it so beautifully as in this application.
All photos from S.R Gambrel Portfolio

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  1. Inpsiring images, indeed! It's a gorgeous space.

  2. I would love to be in that big chair in the library, all comfy and reading a good book!

  3. This took my breath away...not sure about the missoni fabric though...but the home is stunning! Mr. Gambrel sure has a way with an interior! I think I love every space he has ever created.

    I've used that's really powerful, and anything on it looks messy, but monolithic, where you can see the whole stone in section...very cool.

    That art in the first shot is just yummy!

    Thanks for the eye candy!


  4. All of it, so gorgeous! Great picks!

  5. An absolutely beautiful post on a very special day. Happy Birthday, Vitania!

  6. My eyes were glued to the screen as I moved through this post, Vitania... lovely!! While I really love the neutral palette used in most of the rooms, I'm taken most with the den/family room and it's use of orange ~ my favourite colour right now!! Can you imagine how perfect that ceiling would have to be - lacquared paint would show every imperfection and you can't see a single glitch in the photo!! Stunning!! Finally... like Michelle... I'm crazy about that large painting in the first photo :-)
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  7. Love the first room! Stunning!! Cute blog, very fun! Come follow me to at
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS home!! I love the square & circle theme.

    You always find the most beautiful rooms to share... and that's why we have an award for you on our blog!! Come take a look when you have a chance:


  9. Gorgeous! The first thing that caught my eye were the round lamps over the dining table. And then when they panned out in the next image and you see the whole picture it really made me stop. That is a stunning home. His work is simply divine!

  10. Ah Ha! NOW I have something to show the designer I'm meeting with next week to start planning colours and finishes for the new home we're building!

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Vitania - I love the Missoni inspired chair, and the lights over the dining table are brilliant.

  11. There's so much to love in these images. I've done alot of cabinet design so that bath image really was a perfect ending. I think the doors in the dressing closet were my favorite!

  12. An inspiring post!! Really beautiful images! Thank you!!!

  13. Steven Gambrel rocks my world. Love him.

  14. I love the airy clean look of this home. It has a restful energy and it is so inviting.
    Some rooms look so sophisticated. Something to dream about...
    Thank you!

  15. gorgeous!it's almost a perfect balance of old and new. awesome.


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