The Calm Space: A Christmas Dinner to Remember


One of my favorite Christmas Traditions is our midnight Turkey. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But when Christmas Day is coming to an end; when most people can barely tolerate another walnut, and are finally resting their heads, our table is being set for the first carving of a slow roast turkey.... Continue

I am over at The Calm Space today, with a littl article about one of my favorite family traditions. Hope you will stop over for a read.

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  1. What an interesting tradition! How did that come about?

  2. Well now I can't tell you here... you'll have to head over to the calm space to find out! Hope all is going great Daniella..

  3. What a heart warming way to spend Christmas with your family and great memories. I read all about it at the calm space.
    Merry Christmas,

  4. what a very special family you have, Vitania! Full of warmth and love!

  5. Hello again! I did read it! I didn't realize it was on another site, lol... silly me. Loved the article though, and what an interesting site... i'll have to browse through it more later. Thanks for sharing!


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