What Sits Outside Your Window

Designer: Richard Hallberg/Barabara Wisely, Greystone Estate, Veranda March 2009

Designer: Thomas Pheasant, Thomas Pheasant.com

Designer: Thomas Pheasant, thomaspheasant.com

Designer: Susan Marinello, Traditional Home October 2008

Designer: Ron Marvin, ronmarvin.com

Pull back the draperies and let the light shine in. Daylight or moonlight. There is no more beautiful backdrop than Nature's green. Green that gleams from the new buds of spring, or hides under the white blanket of winter. The perfect start to any day begins with the inspiration that sits right outside your window.

Soft Sea and Sand

Spring is the time to clear your mind of the harsh mess winter has caused and fill it with fresh thoughts of deep cerulean water, golden sands, and crisp creams. Monique L'Huiliier's collection for spring is calming, romantic, and casual. As usual, her tailoring is impeccable and her style, always feminine.
(Monique L'Huillier Sprinng 2009 RTW, Photo Credit: Marco Madeira, Style.com)


(Arrangment By: Sophie Dahy Designs)

Hmmm.. Something about March gets me thinking of Weddings, Celebrations and the beautiful bouquets that spring brings. This classic arrangement of hydrangeas, ranunculas and lilacs are the perfect invitation to stop and smell the flowers.

Painted White

I absolutely love the creamy white layers all over this Paris Apartment. The armoir, the console, the paneling, the fireplace, the light fixture... Despite all the details, it's tranquil. Like Paris... everywhere you look somwhere fascinating to investigate, but all so tranquil.


Why do we love shoes so much? The colour, the height, the impact ... Whatever it is.. there is no shortage of sophisticated, elegant, simple, chic, punk, bold, understated, overstated shoes for 2009. This beauty designed by Miuccia Prada for Miu Miu Fall 2009.

The Pochoir

I stumbled across these at an Antique Market.. Hundreds of Vintage Fashion illustrations. They were too numerous, and too beautiful..... I have been enchanted ever since.
Photo Credits from Artophile

The Gift

Galleria Italia

Baroque Stair

I have yet to experience the incredible revival of the AGO. It is one of my Top 5 outtings this spring. I have seen the photos and read the reviews, and so far.. I am impressed. The elegant redesign by Frank Gehry boasts incredible floating stairs, serpentine ramps, 4000 works of art displayed in 110 galleries, and so much more. With a focus on contemporary art, I am sure to be delighted. I have a feeling it will live up to all my expectations. (Photo Credits: AGO)

The Corset

The journey begins. I am thrilled to have a home for my desires and inspirations. This is the photo that started it all. A picture in Vogue, March 2009. The outfit by Alexandeer McQueen. I have a renewed sense of hope for this year. It's about time, I have been hiding under the blanket of maternity.


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