Summer Fashion Fix

Photo Credits:, Ralph Lauren RTW Spring 2009
A little reminder of the incredible fashions that hit the runways earlier this year comes very handy when you need to run out and get your summer fashion fix. Take some inspiration from the masters who set the trends, and buy something reminiscent of their inspiring collections. Ralph Lauren's 2009 RTW had us dreaming of adventure in the African Safari. A beautiful mix of Khakis, Golds, Brown and Whites brings luxury to a classically sporty look. Continuing with the trend that most designers were on this season, Ralph Lauren also took us back in time to the 1930's, and the rise of Hollywood Glamour. This collection is a favorite for summer, its beautifully relaxed, very flirtatious, and so easy to put together.

The Artisans

Photo Credits : Chateau Dominque via Cote De Texas

There is a captivating force that goes beyond luxury and design when it comes to interiors or spaces decorated with antiques and treasures from the past. Perhaps it's that these old aged furnishings still haven't lost their place in our new world, or maybe it's the careful consideration the artisans took in crafting each piece. Either way, a home astutely decorated with antiquites is always one that is engulfed in charm, style and opulence. Especially today, in our world filled with disposable goods. Pressed materials to create wood-like, hollow metal tubes create iron-like, even acrylics can make glass-like. The labourious work of artisans is invalubale. Blacksmiths, woodworkers, carpenters, tailors, and all craftspeople alike, will continue to make furniture and fixtures that will long outlive our lives, to be enjoyed and admired by future generations. Perhaps this is the most fascinating aspect of all, as we focus on a cleaner earth, we can invest wisely on useful objects from the past that are still essentials today, and buy new superior products that will exist well into tomorrow.
Images above from Chateau Domingue, an importer of European reclaimed and architectural elements, and fine antiquities. Everything from flooring, doors, gates, furnishins, lighting and garden monuments.
Thanks to Joni at Cote De Texas for her original post on Chateau Domingue, and sharing the images.

The Best Of Silk Florals

.Sophie Dahy Signature Blue and White Vase , with Blue Hydranges

Pink Roses in Cream Pitcher
. Blue and White Bouquet in Lime Green Vase

White Roses in Mercury Glass Vase
Mixed Pink Ranunculs in Glass Vase

Coral Peonies in French Pitcher
Align Center

Mixed Orange Gerberas and ranunculus in whimsy pottery

In Full Bloom

When long-time friends Jeanne Hyatt and Linda Raulston decided to start their business 6 years ago, it was in search of ‘the breathtaking’ centerpiece that lead them to create Sophie Dahy Designs. Think for a moment of the perfect tablescape; fine china, sterling flatware, and sparkling crystal, sitting pretty side-by-side atop a linen draped table. What is it exactly that these exquisite objects encircle in admiration? The answer to this can be found at Sophie Dahy Designs. Without any doubt, some of the most natural and extraordinary silk floral arrangements can be found here. With special attention to the precious containers that hold them, Sophie Dahy Florals look as if they were just picked from the garden, and placed in your favorite vase. These two incredibly talented women have a pride and passion for friendship and flowers that is evident in every silk petal.

Gracing the pages of our favorite Home D├ęcor Magazines are beautiful bouquets. In every room, perched on occasional tables, mantels, kitchen counters, bedside table and even bathrooms. “Flower arrangements are much more natural now” says Jeanne. “Large bouquets of peonies that look like they have just been picked from the garden, bouquets of only viburnun, but in varying shades of green.” Searching through buckets and buckets of the finest silk floral blooms, decorative vase or pitcher in hand, Jeanne and Linda insist on designing each and every floral arrangement. “For spring and summer we love all the soft, fresh happy colors. Pinks, coral, soft greens and soft yellows”. Jeanne suggests choosing an arrangement that best reflects your home and looks as realistic as possible. Never choose flowers that are unnatural in colour.

In a boutique hotel or sitting on your dining table, these blooms will never disappoint. Always in full Bloom, and never in need of water, Sophie Dahy silk floral arrangements are the perfect decoration for your space. And make note not to water them, as you just might forget they aren’t real.

Sophie Dahy Designs
Knoxville, Tennessee

For an assortment of their latest floral arrangements click
Sophie Dahy’s Etsy Store

Artistic Perspectives

All Illustrations by Michelle Morelan Designs
Interior Designer and Illustrator Michelle Morelan, has a rare and natural gift for creating fascinating Artistic Perspectives. For most of us, the ability to visualize a fully decorated interior is an arduous task in itself. And for those who can envision the final concept, the extraordinary ability to translate that onto paper, is invaluable. The collection of illustrations above, commissioned or conceptual, are worthy of wall space. They are beautiful in their decoration, colour and furnishings. There is passion behind each stroke of the marker that breathes life into these images. And above all, there is no more comforting subject matter than that of a home.

Visit A Schematic Life for more inspiration from Michelle Morelan
Thanks to Renae Moore for her introduction to this artist

You Can Hear The Ocean Calling

House Beautiful June 2009
It is especially gratifying when the predictable presents the unexpected. This Hampton vacation home, tastefully decorated in the traditional blue and white palette with a hint of lemon yellow, looks nothing like you would expect. It is refreshing and revived, thanks to the incredible choices made by Interior Designer David Lawrence. Most surprising, bold prints on the floor, deep sea blue on the sofa, and the soft linen textiles that tie it all together. A milky white tone is the backdrop to contrast all the bold features. Of course, pulling back the curtains to reveal a great bush of flowering hydrangeas also adds great character. In the dining room, yellow makes a subtle appearance in a traditional rug, murano glass chandelier, and brilliantly trimming the curtains. This home is an attraction for the senses. You can smell the crisp air, hear the ocean calling at a distance and feel the warm sunshine coming in through the windows.

Opposite attraction

Decor, Spring Summer 2009

Interior Designer Darryl Carter carefully restored original details, updated antiques, and welcomed a modern family into this Washington DC home. Traditional homes, with all their charm and character, don't always have the functionality required to manage the modern family lifestyle, but that isn't the case here. Staying true to the architectural integrity of this federal style house, he thoroughly restored it to display it's original features. Add to that, antiques renewed in faux leathers, child friendly fabric on sofas, and durable crayon proof surfaces, and you have a home with all the luxury, without compromising style or comfort. The outdoor dining area is elegant and sophisticated. The wrought iron dining set is classically beautiful, and it's over sized cushions are welcoming. Inside, the neutral palette complimented by warm tones, antique relics, modern art, and family photos add charm, but also create a space that is inviting to every member of this family.

And then, there is Zen

Decor, Spring/Summer 2009
A 3000 Sq ft terrace, surrounded by Chicago's cityscape, has got to be a lifetime of good Karma. This space, created by Richar Interiors of Chicago and Landscape architect Hoichi Kurisu, is breathtaking. Incredible views of the city balanced with Japanese inspired gardens creates a truly harmonic retreat for a Chicago Couple. Outside, the penthouse is surrounded by a number of divided rooms. A spa, dining room, sun room, even a seating area that doubles as a home office, all in a peaceful outdoor setting. Inside, the mix of various wood furnishings plays with the natural greenery outdoors. Walnut flooring, oak tables, and an over sized maple credenza give warmth and depth to a vast space while neutral tones and dark brown accents add to the serenity. And then, there is Zen, for there is no doubt that this space will lead to at least a little enlightenment.
More Photos at Richar Interiors

Layers of Luxe

Traditional Home, Young at Heart (above 4)

Atlanta Homes Magazine, Fresh Approach (above)

Atlanta Homes Magazine, Plantation Panache (above)

Veranda, Marsh Magic (above 3)
There is an air of unpretentious sophistication in a room designed by Suzanne Kasler. Her soft neutral palettes have incredible depth. Her style encompasses a strong classic base, that blends marvelously with traditional and modern . Layers and Layers of Luxurious fabrics, wall coverings, rugs, furnishings, draperies all feel as though they fell into place. Everything is comfortable and never over styled.
In the series of photos Magic Marsh, the play of burnt Orange carries beautifully throughout this home. The cognac credenza, fabric, art even the florals seem to have kissed the sunset. The textural layers are seductive. Even through pictorial perspective, there is an overwhelming desire to run your hands over all the velvet and chenille, silks and linens . And then there is colour. Tone on tone to create a softened depth without distraction. As in the photo series, Young at heart, the layers of green in the dining room are exquisite. Grass cloth on the walls, and a golden moss tone on the ceiling are so thoughtfully complimentary. They bring brilliance to a room that is serene by day, and dramatic by night.


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