Suburban Dream

Wonderful Masonry on the fireplace.

Imagine waking up in this beautiful bright bedroom, and surrounding yourself with all this warm white. Everyday would be a good day.
You just know that every square inch of this suburban home is put to good use. It's the kind of home most of us dream of. Enough space to watch your children grow, and to gather for holidays and Parties. A retreat from hectic work and city life. Everything from the Grand piano, and cozy fireplace, to the games room and over sized dining table. is an invitation to relax and enjoy. It is filled with all the luxuries, without the pretentiousness. Designed by Christopher Maya, it is truly a reflection of his ability to create understated elegant interiors. Unfortunately, there is no picture of the kitchen, but one can only assume that it is as functional and fabulous as the rest of this home. It really is a suburban dream, one you won't to wake up from.
Christopher Maya's website has a wonderful gallery of images from his portfolio. You can visit it here, for more timeless inspiration.

House Beautiful Colour Personality

When Maria Killam of the fabulous Blog, Colour me Happy tagged me to participate in the House Beautiful: What is you Colour Personality quiz, I couldn't resist. If you haven't read Maria's Blog, you should definitely start. Maria will give you incredible insight and confidence into colour, design and styling. This was a really good exercise for me, especially since a new season is upon us, and I am looking to explore new colours. I encourage you to give it a go as well.

1. What's the first color you see in the morning? I am not sure of the exact shade but this is very close. It's a beautiful warm gray! .


2. What color are your eyes? Brown Hair, Brown Eyes

- I love this beautiful picture – although while looking closer in daylight – her eyes may be some other colour.. but you get it ..:-)

Vogue Paris

(via a glamorous little side project)

3. What color do you wear the most? A lot of blue, especially this blue, cerulean – it's like deep ocean waters..

Monique L'Hullier

14. What color do you never wear? Lemon yellow – something terrible happens when this colour gets to close to my skin.

Kerry Harrison Photography

5. What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy? Definitely whites – I think because it' s simple and pure, and natural. That is my idea of sexy. I love to add a little dark or bold colour contrast! .

Ralph Lauren

6. What color gets you the most compliments? Red, it's very dramatic, so not too often for me …but it is a beautiful colour!

Valentino, Of Course

7. What color is your lipstick? Nude Bobbi Brown – I am all about very natural make up – Although, I have been known to really play around with different looks for a night out.

8. What color was your living room when you were growing up? It was the calmest room in our house, creamy white walls, gray carpet and a sofa that was white and blue velvet floral. It was actually quite lovely.

9. What color was your bedroom when you were growing up? It was a beautiful shade of green. Who am I kidding, it was the 70's, not much was beautiful them, but I loved it. Here it's done beautifully as wallpaper and complimented with white, but I had a huge brown bed..and I can't even remember the other furnishings..:-) .

10. What color are your sheets? Creamy whites. Don't mess around with my sheets, beautiful clean cream sheets always make me feel rested. I like hug pillows so I mix up with some natural grays and taupe.

Restoration Hardware

11. What color was your favorite crayon as a child? Green any and all shades – I would spend hours colouring green grass, and big beautiful trees, and houses and flowers.. and... and...and…


12. What color is your car? Green tea - silly really. How will you ever know how good you look in your car, unless you are lucky enough to drive by a huge Mirror!! Ain't she a beauty.

Honda CRV

13. What color was your prom dress? Much like my wedding dress. Cream. My mother made it for me it was a mini skirt, with a cream bustier, and a lace bolero jacket. No pics, not in a million years! And this was the wedding dress, of course I had it made, but it was equally beautiful.

Monique L'Huillier

14. What's your favorite gemstone? The Emerald !

My Jewellery Box ! (just kidding, somewhere on web)

15. What is your favourite flower? Ohhh – it's a toss up - sometimes hydrangea – sometimes the peony.

Sophie Dahy Designs

16. What color makes you happiest? At this point – I am sure you can guess. Green, Verdigris to be exact!

Veranda Magazine

17. What color depresses you? Black – I know I know – people love black and it's drama – the dress, the suit, b & w photos, and so on... For me it's easy, and it's safe. And when I don't have the time or the desire to put that 110% into a look, that is depressing.

Somewhere on web, sorry

18. What color calms you? Oh definitely cool blue !

Tobi Fairley

19. What color makes you grind your teeth? I actually embrace all colours, but I will see my least favorite is eggplant – that deep purple, that could almost be brown… It never impresses me. Although, this is pretty cool, i could never.

Living Etc

20. What color would you like to try, but are scared to? I love lilac – it's soothing and definitely relaxing, and feminine. Probably where the fear comes in, i wouldn't want it to look to girly or childlike.

Please let me know (in comments) if you decide to post the colour quiz on your blog. I would love to read it!.. Hey?? So what is my Colour Personality ? I'll find out and update.

Wonderful Whites

A Monumental Interior designed completely by Barbara Barry. This 12 000 sq ft mansion in Piedmont, California was built in 1922. It's updated interiors compliment it's luxury and grandeur! Intricate details that are reserved for a distinguished few. Naturally graced with wonderful whites, the spectrum runs from cool to warm, and is exquisite. Careful planning went into selecting shades of white that would play with light. Would you believe children live here? Not my children, but children. Despite all the sophistication, it does present a level of comfort. Every chair and sofa screams "sit in me", and there isn't much to knock over. Even the fireplace opening is covered with a beautiful iron door. A French inspired furniture collection, compliments pieces from Barry's own collection, and all are tastefully scattered throughout the home so that you can appreciate each piece.


Get the full story at Architectural Digest, Nov 2005.

And then he tried colour!


Thomas Pheasant is featured in the September 2009 issue of Architectural Digest, Designer's Own Homes. You can read the full story here. It's an absolute pleasure to peek inside the home of this brilliant designer. It doesn't disappoint, it has all the sophistication that he serves up his clients. Furnished with a collection of some of his favorite pieces. It feels like a boutique hotel, crisp clean, sophisticated and definitely luxurious.



The gallery below is from a past issue of Architectural Digest November 2004. It has been embedded in my memory since I first flipped through the pages years ago. The story is fantastic. This client wanted Thomas Pheasants classical style, but with colour. The result is outrageously beautiful! Saffron, Orange, Red and Burgundy throughout, silk fabric on walls to compliment the ornate wood panelling. The full story is here, but the moral is, pushing yourself to do things that are beyond your regular scope of work can be extremely rewarding.







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