The Perfect Blend


It's clearly January. I can't seem to resist dreaming of a vacation in Spain. The Beautiful Blog, Belgian Pearls, posted this wonderful Spanish escape last week, and I couldn't resist adding it to mine. Greet is a blogger from Belgium, of course, and she consistently displays her exquisite taste, including this Spanish Villa located in Majorca.

How could you ever leave a home surrounded by lush green mountains and a view of an endless ocean? It's one thing to have a home dropped into a location like this one, but the added bonus is the carefully selected furniture that is the perfect blend of modern and traditional, function and luxury, simple and sophisticated.

Simple Fireplace, sleek sofas and occasional tables, paired with a rattan chair that looks like it could fit as easily outdoors as it does indoors. Natural Rug, and tiled floors keep it clean and cool. The added ruffles at the top of the curtains are a soft touch that give a little balance to a room with high ceilings.

The kitchen cabinetry is practically invisible, This can't be a permanent residence with so little storage space. However, the french doors that open to the terrace is certainly conducive to plenty of outdoor cooking. Great combination of sleek dining table, elegantly slip covered chairs, and an over sized ornate light fixture. It's dramatic and inviting.

This bedroom is perfect for lazy afternoons. Taking shelter from the hot sun with a good book, while a breeze from the Ocean keeps you cool. Beamed ceiling and antique mirror add so much character and comfort. Using powder pinks and lavender as an accent colour creates a tranquil retreat..

Taken from Belgian Pearls Blog, thanks for the great post Greet!

Images : El Mueble, ano XLV N.571, Photographer :A. Fernandez

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  1. wow that is an amazing home, gorgeous style.

  2. Isn't it just stunning! El Mueble is a favourite of mine and such a feast for the eyes.

  3. what a gorgeous home! Ahh to have a getaway there.

    And thanks for the intro to another great blog.

  4. Thank you for mentionning me Vitania!!

  5. WOW! Now I too have Spain on the brain. :)
    Who could ever leave such a paradise? Stunning.

  6. Vitania - this is gorgeous & much appreciated as I sit here on a very cold Wednesday morning with grey cloud & mist outside..thank you..Susie x

  7. Such a wonderful home, Vitania... I love the subtle traditional touches, fresh palette combined with a modern esthetic. LUV!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  8. oh my goodness, you have done it again and left me speechless! This house to to die for...I am thinking a bloggers retreat here would be spectacular!! great post

  9. What I wouldn't give to have a home like that! Absolutely Stunning!

  10. I love how everything is so light and pretty. The topiaries are the perfect touch to add a pop of color. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous photos!


  11. Oh it's just GORGEOUS! I sure could use a vacation to someplace warm. I've just about had it with this cold Chicago winter! Thanks for the inspiration and a little touch of daydreaming :)

    Happy Weekend!

  12. I love the style!!!!!


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