Doting over Details


When a New York couple fell in love with the charm of this cozy 1930s Brentwood California home, they called on designer Madeline Stewart to play up its quaint character.  The home was featured in Veranda Magazine back in May of 2007, and is filled with elegant and enduring design.  A mix of 19 century pieces, some deco, and a collection of furnishings designed by Stewart herself create a seamless balance.

This incredible dining room is covered in hand painted blocks of purple tea paper.  What is traditionally a cool colour is warmed by gold accents in the table, wall art, and light fixture, and complimented by the perfect shade of yellow in the draperies.  A 19c buffet paired with a 1940s mirror below.

 The home has a very traditional feel to it, but it is certainly updated, polished and incredibly comfortable.  Plenty of effort went into perfecting details, like the walnut floors which were refinished 5 times, no visible televisions and no bare bulbs.  The home owner also insisted on flat head screws only (no phillips heads anywhere) and he insisted they all be set horizontally.  A little crazy, perhaps, but it's a detail Stewart now insists on especially on hinges.  Her uncompromising attention to detail, went above and beyond the expectations of the homeowners, and it paid off when they asked her to redesign their New York apartment. 

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  1. i am so charmed by it's 'cozy high style'....
    if that is do-able at all, she has done it with this project.
    small and elegant.
    i love it.

  2. Beautiful! The staircase is gorgeous and I love all the window treatments.

  3. Beautiful interior It is timeless. Love the use of color and the older pieces that were used. Absolutely warm and inviting. Thanks for pointing out all the details, sometimes pictures just can't say it all but you did very, well! Kathysue

  4. I Really Really love this pictures. I'm filing them and am inspired because I have been wanting to do colors like this in my own California Bungalow style home, low ceilings and all.......Thanks for the inspiration and I apologize I have been in a blogging rut and haven't visited that often. My misfortune! You always do a great presentation and I am adding you to my blog list so I don't miss out any more!!!!!Thanks for the peek at those wonderful rooms, loved the grey with the orange curtains!!!!!!!! Maryanne ;)

  5. I just "Ooooh," and "Awwwd," all over myself.

  6. Love that dining room. That colour on the walls is fantastic.
    Please tell me more about what 'hand painted blocks of purple tea paper' actually means/entails?

    x Charlotta

  7. Gorgeous photos! I love the orange drapes in the living room.

  8. Amazing dining room color scheme! The painted blocks of purple tea paper are heavenly. By the way, I would like to invite you over to my new blog: Remember when you were a new blogger trying to increase readership? It is a slow process! Thanks. I read you regularly and have you in my "favorites" list!

  9. The entry, stairway, exteriors just make me smile. And, those satsuma draperies are heavenly.

  10. OOOOO I love Madeline Stuart Designs! Included that gorgeous buffet in my Mad Cocktails post. The rest of the residence is unbelievably elegant, very Brentwood indeed. Have a great weekend Vitania.
    xo Lisa


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