What tomorrow brings


If you haven't seen these pictures before, and you can't guess it by the fur stole draped over the coat rack, this New Jersey home belongs to the exceptionally talented and stylish Jennifer Lopez.  The pictures were published in Vogue Living back in the Fall of 2006, 2 years after she married singer Marc Anthony and took over his redbrick mansion where she revamped and added her elegant touch.

They called on designer Thom Filicia to help them unite their varying tastes.  JLo, Queen of Glamour and Marc Anthony an earthy bohemian put Filicia to the test with their opposing aesthetics.  With some compresmise and an appreciation for each others sensibilities, this family home came together beautifully..  
Lopez explained in Vogue Living, that of all the beautifully designed residences she has had, this one actually feels like home because it was designed for family life. 

Marc's interesting collection of old art and artifacts are scattered thoughtfully throughout.  On the dining room shelf a 19c copper deep sea helmut, and on the floor of the master bath next to the nickel plated tub are anciet Puerto Rican canonballs.

When the home was built the couple was still working on building their family.   Today they share the home with their 2 year old twins, Max and  Emma, as well as two children from Marc's previous marriage, and nieces and nephews who stay over frequently. Lopez loves suburban life, being close to her sister, and the city she and Marc grew up in, New York.  She admits the home is a work in progress, as she believes every home should be.  I have to agree, aren't we always preparing for what tomorrow will bring.?  Redesigning,  removing, refreshing for seasons, for new babies, or grown babies, office space or play space, there is always a vision of change for some room at home.    

Photos  from Thom Filicia , Photograohed by Mario Testino, Original Story Vogue Living

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  1. Beautifully designed home. I love its uncluttered but interesting design. It is so current even though it was done in 2006. Love it, thank you for sharing this with all of your readers, Kathysue

  2. I had seen the first photo before and loved it! had no idea it was the home of jennifer lopez though... thanks for sharing!

  3. Lovely home. It looks like Jennifer's taste was expressed a little more than her husband's.

  4. Stunning Spaces with beautiful photograph by Testino.

    I like everything except the "real" Mink stole. I remember it was a big controversy about that.

  5. I am so crazy for dark floors! Lovely and livable, just as it should be.

  6. The bath is a dream. Absolutly! Life brings changes and moves... That's good. Sometimes only the house or the furniture to be changed - sometimes your whole life.



  7. That first pic....what a gorgeous entryway. I think i lean towards it more because of the bright WHITE walls...love them!

    Jen Ramos

  8. Wow - thanks for sharing this. I enjoyed the tour.
    Can imagine that the rustic earthiness and glitzy glam of the couple was a hard one to crack, however it has been done with perfection.

    I love the piece of art in the upper hallway.
    Style and taste all way through.


  9. The entryway pendant is beautiful. So big but light and airy! I always love Thom's work.

  10. Where did she get that coat rack???

    I LOVE it!!!!

  11. Great spaces and fantastic photos....Enjoyed!



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