Beach Wood


We are back in Florida again this week with a home located on the gulf in a sally comunity called Watercolor.  A new build for a young family, this beach retreat is primarily made of wood, both inside and out, including walls and ceilings.  Interior designer, l.iz Hand Woods took inspiration from the view outside with neutral sands, bleached woods, and blue waters.  The homes interior is a balanced mix of the wife's love of classic design, and the husbands desire for clean modern lines.  

There are numerous antique and vintage furnishings complimenting some very modern furnishings in an open and airy environment. Large wooden spheres scatter interestingly throughout, to enhance a circular theme that can be found in windows, flooring, cabinets doors and other objects.      

Designed by the firm of Bates Corkern., the home is built on 3 levels and features 12 foot ceilings, light coming in from 3 sides and stacked porches modeled after Charleston house. On the main floor, where beach sand can easily find it's way in, the floors are covered in concrete pavers, and the rest of the hoes in oak, by River Bottom Pine..   Some of the furnishings worth noting are the antique French lantern in the hall, Jonathon Adler rug, custo cabinetry by Bates Corkern studion in kitchen, and the gorgeous wooden dining set. 
The full story is featured in the current issue of Veranda Magazine, photo credits are from Bates Corkern website.

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  1. looks pretty mod and easy to love.
    like the clean lines.

  2. Every time I discover beach houses on the blogs I start dreaming! I love them! I do! But this is one of the most beautiful I ever saw! The inside as the outside! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Hi! love this - always enjoy your blog, especially when you feature a beach house! Sharing on the Caron's FB page too -

    Happy Tuesday.

  4. Amazing house with so much soft warmth and tranquility. The colour palette has the most soothing effect on me and I love the balance of classic and modern, and the sleek v rustic. Divine.
    Thanks for sharing.

    x Charlotta

  5. I was just admiring this house in the magazine and love seeing all the images again!

  6. I love Veranda. When I saw this house I thought, "this doesn't look like any beach house I've ever seen." LOL Mostly because the inhabitants wouldn't be allowed inside this lovely place after fishing all day. Really really pretty. xx's

  7. Hello and thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments! This house is lovely and I love how it is decorated. It is so interesting and light. This is a dreamy place for sure! Your blog is wonderful and I am off to read more!

  8. So gorgeous! I love the curved doorways and that island.

  9. Very nice,... I love forced perspectives, and the one above with the vaulted hallway it really nice, and love the lantern at the end of it. ~Terri


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