Relaxed Retreat


  Designed with entertaining in mind, this North Carolina cottage is very relaxed and comfortable, but manages to keep many of the classic luxury details.   It's open and inviting, and has a soft palette to really capture the calm that beach life brings.   The master bedroom is easy going, while the master bath is a little indulgent.    It maybe a acottage,but i has year-round style.  Well planned and beautifully designed by Herlong & Associates..

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  1. I love the soothing tones used throughout-so calm and relaxing. I live in NC, so I can be there in no time-just need to grab my flip flops and a bathing suit...

  2. what a stunning home. I love that kitchen. The color combinations are perfect and inviting.


  3. *** Your description of a "RELAXED RETREAT" is right on~~~ it looks verrrrry comfy, as WELL as good looking!!! Definitely calm and soothing!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  4. wow - that's all I can say - that is a "wow" home - just divine, love that colour in the living room, what's not to love!

  5. I love everything about this home. The bathroom is gorgeous... from the hardwood floors to the lantern fixture!

  6. How lovely -- light, bright and open. Oh, how inviting... this home reminds me a bit of the one on "Something's Gotta Give" -- doesn't it? So beautiful. Thank you for the tour :)


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