Rue Magazine: My top pics


Last week was a very exciting week for the team over at Rue Magazine.   Crystaland Anne who led an army to create the debut issue of Rue magazine did a fantastic job.  I am already anticipating the next issue.   Here are my top pics from the online Magazine.    

1. (Above) Founder Crystal Gentilello's Chicagoo Bachelorette Apartment. 

2. ( Above)  Julia Edelmann's Chicago based home that mixes old world charm for modern life.

3.  (2 above and Below) The Dallas based home of a creative duo, Jamie and Larry Oliver.  Their home is filled with beautiful surprises. 

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  1. Didn't they do a FABULOUS job on this new e-zine?
    I love it. So happy you featured them. xx's

  2. Fab picks! I loved the party at Emily's, too!

  3. These rooms are all beautiful...the bedroom of Jamie and Larry Oliver - stunning!!

  4. These are fabulous! I love your blog : )


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