Magnificent Moments

I love stumbling across fabulous pieces of artwork, and where else to do such a thing, but at a local gallery.  I was captivated by these pieces displayed by  local artist, Ian Ridpath because of the fabulous use of colour.  There are moments when the seasons change that are so fleeting.  The landscape changes from hour to hour.  And I love that these images capture those magnificent moments.  It's the hints of orange or red, and the depth of the green or yellow that make them feel so fleeting. 

For more information on Ian Ridpath, you can find it here at his personal site. 


  1. Second to the last is quite lovely, a nice respite.

  2. Those paintings are beautiful, melancholic and really capture those moments in nature, well said and a great post. Thanks for introducing this artist :-) Have a lovely weekend. Love from London x

  3. Love the water picture, so beautiful! It's amazing how many talents are out there and to discover some of them! Thanks for the find!
    Have a great weekend!


  4. nice collection - have a great weekend!

  5. What a wonderful paintings!
    Really fantastic collection.
    Good night from Brasil!


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