The Calm Space: Experimenting with Harmony


What a crazy weekend!  The Design blogger Meet Up was so much fun. It was a pleasure to meet all these amazing and creative bloggers.  Celeste from GKHair, and Maeve from Delta inspired us with their words about blogging and social media.   I can't wait to put up my official post with details and photos of the night.   I am still having a hard time slowing down after the quick pace I have maintained over the last couple of weeks. 

I am at the The Calm Space today, sharing a few words about creating harmony in your home.  Actually the entire site is filled with stories and tips about living in Harmony.

Many designers can create a beautiful interior, but few can create a harmonious one. This month’s opening quote by Doug Floyd applies to interiors as well. You don’t get a harmonious space when you use the same colour, or layout.... MORE

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  1. A space that is comfortable, personal and is "You" I see as so harmonious. A place to be calm and relaxed.


    Art by Karena

  2. So light and airy, very inspiring.

  3. Lovely... Vie is was so nice to see you Saturday. Thanks so much for all your hard work in pulling everything together. It was so nice to put faces to the names... I can't wait for the next one... please give a shout out if you need any help - talk soon!

  4. Stunning space- love the natural palate and bright white walls. The bathroom is particularly amazing! Thanks so much for all of you work putting the meet-up together. It was so nice to meet you and I had an amazing time- so nice to meet everyone in person! Hopefully we can do it again soon:) xo

  5. Very innovative design , i like it.The space is calm and full of serenity.


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