Crimson Delight

Who can resist a colourful bouquet to bring the seasons warmth into your home? I stumbled on these beautiful blooms on Carolyne' Roehm's site, while looking for some holiday inspiration.  The mix of flowers, foliage and berries create an inviting display of colour and texture. Lately I have become the master of arranging, the grocery store 10-Day bouquet into sophisticated table decorations.  A great tip from friend, Jeanne at Sophie Dahy, mix the silks with the real deal, to fill up your vase, and for long lasting style.    You can have a look at what Renae Moore did on her Project Monday post too.  I need to get busy.  


  1. That is a great tip about mixing the real thing with silk!

  2. I'm with Shannon, that is a great tip. I'm a grocery store bouquet girl myself. I generally buy a couple small or one large bouquet of a single type of flower and cut the stems low to make a tight bouquet. I wish I could afford huge lush arrangements though.

  3. Oooh, beautiful arrangements! Love the deep, rich colours - perfect for fall & Christmas :-)


  4. Nice arrangement, very interesting mix, love the glasses.


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