Going Under


 The negatives have arrived. You know --1, -3, -6 readings on the thermometer. I like to think I am an outdoors loving kind of gal, but when that first cold hits, all I really want to do is hide under the cover of a nice warm blanket and drink tea.  Of, course that bliss-full moment will last less than a minute, because the kids will want me to play princess and pirates.  The blanket will turn into a fort of some sort, and I'll spend the rest of the afternoon defending the Lego treasure from dreaded sea and land creatures.  My favorite is the comfort and warmth of a classic cable knit throw.  Hand and Home made, this classic knit is always inviting and forever stylish.  Here are just a few in cashmere and cotton.

Cashmere from Elegant Linens

Cotton Throw and Pillow from Pure Living

Cashmere from Restoration Hardware

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  1. This is definitely the kind of year that getting out of bed is even harder than usual!

  2. Eww, I hate the cold! But I would take negative temperatures if I could cuddle up in these gorgeous blankets!

  3. ...and I thought you were going under the knife, oh, a cashmere blanket is more my speed. whew. sigh of relief.

  4. very warm here but those are soo lovely they still inspire!

  5. Mon traducteur ne fonctionne pas ce matin et mon anglais n'est peut-être pas très bon. Je reviendrai pour vous lire et voir si j'ai bien tout compris!
    Toutefois je peux déjà dire que l'ensemble de ces torsades me plaisent beaucoup.
    Bisous et bon week-end à vous.

  6. I am with you on this one! During the winter months I have so many throws around the house! These are all fabulous additions that will promptly go on my Christmas list!

  7. They look so warm and cozy, I already miss winter.

  8. The idea of a cashmere blanket is just so luxurious- love it!


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