In the Dark


photography portfolio of Lauren Rubenstein

Atlanta Homes Magazie, via White Blossom (thanks Sarah!)

 photography portfolio of Lauren Rubenstein

So here is the truth, I can't imagine living in the dark.  I am terrified of using dark colours.  When I collect images like these, I am inspired and perhaps even tempted to invite some dramatic wall colour into my home.  Especially the last 3, that Barbara Westbrook has appeared on my blog a couple of times. It kills me that I haven't got the courage for it!! I love a dark wall with light upholstery.  But then, the fear sets in, and I think, I might not survive without all the bright light.  So what about you, do you live in the light or in the dark?

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  1. I live in the light but I do have a dark coloured paint swatch up on my bedroom wall. I have been pondering taking a big colour leap. After seeing these gorgeous photos, I think I am going to go for it. I love the second Lauren Rubenstien and the Barbara Westbrook. Very warm, very striking, and very inviting.

  2. love light! can't imagine living in the dark too. light is my fav design element :-)

  3. *** I was HOOKED (a lonnng time ago) the first time I had verrry dark, hunter-green-like walls in our MBR. There was a huge bay window, & two other windows flanking the bed. Carpeting & window treatments were white (as were all the bed linens) & the furniture was wonderful, antique & unique old pine pieces we brought back from Europe, plus two comfy, big, white wicker chairs w/ glorious fabric... and even my HUSBAND loved it!!!!!!

    I did a deep brown here, after moving in 6 years ago, & just changed it to a light-medium, faaabulous gray about 6 months ago (had the bed painted a verrry dark charcoal gray & it looks WONDERFUL!), all "just for a change"... and we lovvvve this, too, again w/ all whites n' creams. We have a huge, 20' window wall overlooking the pool, desert & city lights, plus a 20' fireplace wall of stone. Sleeping in there is as heavenly as waking UP in there!!!

    Sooooo girlfriend, "JUST DO IT!".... Yep, I think you'll absolutely LOVE it, & just make sure to add lots of verrry pale colors like whites, creams, etc... You DO need good light from large windows, IMHO, but then again, maybe it's OK WITHOUT them... I dunno, but what have you got to lose? (And remember too, you can always start off slowly & do a dark "accent" wall & see if you like it... if you DO like it, either keep it or continue on & paint the REST of the room...).

    PLEEEASE keep us posted, whatever you do! I LOVE THIS~~~ it's always SOOO FUN to see & read about!!!

    Warmest fall wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  4. I live in both :-) I adore all colours, both light and dark. We have dark grey and chocolate brown and purple in some rooms, and lighter greys and a light green in some other rooms.

    Try going dark, I know you can do it! Just paint a wall and see how you like it - if you REALLY can't live with a dark colour, it just takes a can of paint and a couple of hours to change it back.

    Do it, do it, do it! :-)


  5. i've been seeing so many dark rooms lately -- i'm not liking it really. i think i could do a single wall but that's about it!

  6. I took a leap and painted the wall behind my bed a deep water blue-green, leaving the other walls a very, very pale shade of same. White elsewhere. A friend comments everytime she sees it that she feels like she's entering a deep lagoon. So do I. But be prepared - that wall came forward, visually shrinking the room - dark colors do that. But, still, I am deeply at peace in that room.

  7. That third room with the mirror is making me crazy- I've never seen such a gloriously mirror-ever!
    I am loving the new dark walls and hope to paint at least something charcoal soon- maybe starting with my kitchen cabinets- I think some dark adds a lot of drama to a space.

  8. The third and fifth rooms are fabulous, I love light furniture against dark walls.
    Love that mirror!

  9. Hi,
    Hope you are well,

    There is something very peaceful about Barbara Westbrook's dining room. Thank you for the beautiful posts. It is a real pleasure.


  10. I've gone to the "dark side" and back. I believe dark walls can be really dramatic and cozy, but you need plenty of light to work well. Big, big windows. In all these spaces, I've notice light is abound. That's the secret.


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