Country Christmas


Two Canadian Country Houses, featured online at Country Living.  Everything is so laid back, and easy going just like the holidays should be.  I am a big fan of relaxed style, and fuss free celebrations, so these images really have me looking forward to some down time, and perhaps even a visit to a local farm. 

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  1. Bonjour, those images look beautiful, calm and relaxed, thanks for showing them. I feel stressed, frazzled and manic trying to achieve a relaxed Christmas - how ironic ;-) Wishing you a good week, Love from London xo

  2. Stunning! the images are just out of a story book, they are so beautiful. I would love to be that woman reading on her white sofa...

  3. Love those little sparklers on the cake, fun!

  4. Très très jolie publication... les toutes premières photos me plaisent beaucoup et leur atmosphère me correspond tout à fait. Les deux dernières photos avec le chien et le cheval me font sourire et je me dis que si tous les animaux malheureux étaient comme eux, nous n'aurions pas de souci à nous faire pour nos amis à quatre pattes.

  5. Love the picture of the horse with the wreath on its stall door :-)

    These laid back country Christmas pictures are so charming and pretty :-)

  6. Feels warm and cozy even with the beautiful snow.


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