Hopeless Romantic

Stumbling upon this beautiful blog called Griege the other day, I discover this fabulous feature that left me feeling hopelessly romantic.   Chevron flooring, white on white, gold gilding, crystal chandeliers it's all quite perfect.  I would like to Thank the stylist for creating a real home with a fine scattering of purses, shoes, throws, and magazines throughout. 

You can find me over at La Dolce Vita today with a post on my Dream Home.  Leave it to Paloma to bring me this exciting challenge.   It's a good little exercise I recommend for everyone..

Pictures Via Skona Hem


  1. Lovely rooms, its looks a bit messy to me, but still lovely.

  2. Why don't my messes never look that good

  3. OH thanks for such a lovely post! This home is a real golden romantic home.... aaaaaaaahhhhh:)


  4. Everytime you post these beautiful white rooms, I want to change some of my decorating. They are so bright and fresh - I just love it.


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