Lookback on 2010


I have been looking forward so much lately, I have barely taken the time to reflect on the past.  This year has been pretty incredible. Among the many happy moments shared with family and friends, I also managed to truly experience the joy of befriending a wonderful design community.  One of the highlights of 2010 was organizing the Design Blogger Meet up back in November. It was an absolute pleasure to bring this community together and to meet so many creative and inspiring people.  it really fueled and energized my love of blogging and I can hardly wait til the next one. 

Here is a look back on some of the posts that really captured your attention on Verdigris Vie this past year. From all white to colours bright, you have got some fabulous taste!

Right off the bat, in January, you fell in love with the home of Designer Ty Larkins and his French Inspired home in Baton Rouge.  It was clear he made All the Right Choices.

A little colour play got you going pre spring with this fun post Orange Crush on Blue.

You loved the Runway to Room looks I pulled together for Balenciaga's Fall RTW lineup, It was Electric

And then from all that colour, to Colour Less

The Art of the Craft gave us a little history on this Italian furniture maker.

In September we visited the South of France, and La Bastide de Marie.  This was the location that Marion Cotillard was photographed for her spread in July Vogue,

A world of white awaits you, in this beautiful and symmetric home designed by Alexa Hampton.

And lastly, the Winter Expedition that was shot by photographer  Eric Valli for Hermes a few years back is an unforgettable journey.

For all time favorites you can check the sidebar title, "You Loved These.."

Cheers to a 2011,
and all the wonderful things I hope it brings you!

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  1. Happy New Year.... may it be filled with much love, light, good health, fun, happiness and may you continue to create many more fond memories in the upcoming year.

    Enjoy ALL your posts.....reflecting back to pick the best of the year, hard to do.... Extremely grateful for all the love, time and energy that go into blogging. Thank you.


  2. Happy New Years Verdigis Vie:)

    May only the best befall you in 2011.


    Ciao Ciao Bella Donna


  3. I hope you have a very Happy New Year. I'm looking forward to 2011 and more of your delicious posts! They are always so well put together and I really enjoy them. Cheers!

  4. What a great year in review! So glad I got to meet you this year and looking forward to many great things in 2011. Wishing you a new year filled with all things you need including health, happiness and prosperity xo

  5. Hope you have a fabulous new year Vie! Have a fun night tonight too :) We'll have to chat soon!

  6. Sitting by the fire reviewing your remarkable year! Thank you.
    Mary Ann

  7. Hi, great post! Love the second image...
    Thank you for stopping by Northern Light!

    I have just put the finishing toutches on a post for Monday, knowing about your other blog, you will totally have to come check out this interview!!

    Northern Light

  8. Happy New Year! Hope all of your 2011 wishes come true.

  9. So wonderful, the best imagery and thoughts. I love your design sense! Thank yoou for such a great friendship!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  10. Happy New Year, lovie !!!
    Only wonderful things in 2011.

  11. Beautiful blog...so tasteful.

    Best wishes for a brilliant New Year!

  12. Hello,
    First of all, I will like to thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. Madly in love with you "logo", where did you get it from? Beautiful are the rooms in neutrals, sooo relaxin...Let's keep in touch!

    Until then on behalf of Love Accents Couture, may all the blessings of this blissful season shine upon you. Wishing you all the love, laughter and happiness in the world. Happy New Year
    With joy,

    Have a dream come true for 2011.
    Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
    There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby
    Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
    And the dreams that you dare to dream
    Really do come true

    Someday I'll wish upon a star,
    And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
    Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
    Away above the chimney tops
    That's where you'll find me

    Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly
    Bird fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can't I
    If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow,
    Why, oh why can't I?

  13. Justndiscovered your blog! And love it!
    Happy New Year!
    I look forward to following you!
    Kind regards!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  14. Oh, I love that white room (with the huge chandelier). I hope you had a marvelous New Year!

  15. Happy New Year! Good luck on everything you try!

    http://www.seren-dip-a-tea.blogspot.com/ Please follow me :D

  16. Thanks so much for popping by to say hi in the new year! Can't wait to click around your blog. Have a happy one.


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