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It's clearly January. I can't seem to resist dreaming of a vacation in Spain. The Beautiful Blog, Belgian Pearls, posted this wonderful Spanish escape last week, and I couldn't resist adding it to mine. Greet is a blogger from Belgium, of course, and she consistently displays her exquisite taste, including this Spanish Villa located in Majorca.

How could you ever leave a home surrounded by lush green mountains and a view of an endless ocean? It's one thing to have a home dropped into a location like this one, but the added bonus is the carefully selected furniture that is the perfect blend of modern and traditional, function and luxury, simple and sophisticated.

Simple Fireplace, sleek sofas and occasional tables, paired with a rattan chair that looks like it could fit as easily outdoors as it does indoors. Natural Rug, and tiled floors keep it clean and cool. The added ruffles at the top of the curtains are a soft touch that give a little balance to a room with high ceilings.

The kitchen cabinetry is practically invisible, This can't be a permanent residence with so little storage space. However, the french doors that open to the terrace is certainly conducive to plenty of outdoor cooking. Great combination of sleek dining table, elegantly slip covered chairs, and an over sized ornate light fixture. It's dramatic and inviting.

This bedroom is perfect for lazy afternoons. Taking shelter from the hot sun with a good book, while a breeze from the Ocean keeps you cool. Beamed ceiling and antique mirror add so much character and comfort. Using powder pinks and lavender as an accent colour creates a tranquil retreat..

Taken from Belgian Pearls Blog, thanks for the great post Greet!

Images : El Mueble, ano XLV N.571, Photographer :A. Fernandez

Artistic Endeavor

John Saladino's cover on Veranda Magazine's January/February 2010 issue, is nothing short of brilliant. The Veranda show house, a townhouse condo complex located in New York's trendy Soho district, was to be decorated Cinema style. Saladino chose the artistic film, Girl with a Pearl earring, based on the artwork of 17c dutch painter Joannes Vermeer for his inspiration. Colours like lavender, lilac and periwinkle are instantly soothing cool stone and gray wash walls.

Lighting always plays an important role in any interior, and here the most delicate lighting adds another dimension of softness to this interior. Throughout the interior, furniture is carefully arranged in modern settings. Playing with scale, as in artwork below, and mirror at top of stair landing, add to the grandeur of this remarkable space.

Scaling down the interior to display only the finest selections of antique furnishings, rugs, artwork and textiles. The townhouse really does feel like a modern painting of traditional objects.

Second floor landing
Above and Below, an elegant master bedroom is so relaxed and inviting with these traditional European linens. This classic look is far departure from the many tapered and constructed master suites we are accustomed too, and it is a most welcome image in this artistic interior.

Veranda Magazine
Full article, here

The Calm Space: The Bathroom Retreat

Karyl Pierce Paxton

I love January. Something about saying goodbye to an old year, and welcoming a new one filled with possibilities puts me in a great mood. It’s the time of year that I take the most time for myself, reflecting, redirecting and focusing on what the future holds. I am about to set off an incredible journey, and I need my mind, and body to be clear and focused on achieving my goals. But given all the things I have to get done in a day, and the two little people who demand my attention constantly, there is very little time for my much needed contemplation..... Continue
I am over at The Calm Space this week, sharing some insight into beautiful bathrooms and some of the much needed benefits of having a personal space to retreat too.

Settling In

Bienvenue, to this historic district of Montreal, where in 2004 this was a vacant lot. Located on an exclusive piece of heritage land, and surrounded by mansions built by Canada's wealthiest in the roaring 20's, you will find this very new structure that is just settling in.

Montreal based Interior Designer Scott Yetman is well known for working with light, as evident in the bright and spacious design of this home. Every luxury is evident, but paired down and somewhat neutralized for a modern take and opulence.
The details all come together seamlessly. The trim around this water feature, matches the trim surrounding the pillars. Looking up, is just as rewarding as looking straight ahead. Crystal beading in chandelier picking up silver nailheads trimming dining chairs.

French Antiques, goldend gilded chairs and beaming works of art, Wrought Iron, Traditional Crown Mouldings, and creamy marble are classic choices that rarely fail and always impress. Set upon a gallery white backdrop, and the drama is elevated to a new level.

This wall of family photos all framed in sleek black is a very modern touch, hanging just outside the master bedroom doors. It is a wonderful display of all those cherished memories, without disturbing the quiet calm you long for in a bedroom retreat.

The master bedroom is as calm and soothing as it gets covered in silk draperies and carpet, wool headboard, leather bench, and cotton upholstery on seating. It's like wrapping yourself in warmth and comfort. Just beyond the ceiling fixture above is an interesting arched architectural detail. It also links to 2 very large dressing rooms, a spa like bath and a personal gym.

Limestone exterior, slate roof, and iron detail are inspired by classic French architecture, but enlarged windows and simplified stonework help to create a modern update required for this young family.
Photos 1 and 7 , Stacey Brandford for Beautiful Homes (Scanned Photos)
Exterior Photo: Geiger Huot website
All others: Leona Mozes Photographer
Interior Designer: Scott Yetman
Architect: Eric Huot, Geigher Huot

Rustic Refined

With over 4000 square feet to roam around in, this cottage, set beautifully on the shoreline of Martha's vineyard, is a little more space than one might expect for a typical summer retreat. But with all it's space, and exceptional architectural details, this residence is as relaxed and informal as they come, and with effortless sophistication.

The pillars and beams of this living room are laden with incredibly crafted details. And yet, while other colours may have been used to accentuate the workmanship, the room is layered in whites that are clean,cool and subdued. The lively blues , warm rust like browns, and pale greens that accent the rest of the home are merely a reflection of the what is outdoors.
The kitchen is clearly made for those who love to cook. In fact it looks like it may have been designed for those who like to cook together. The window and door opening to the dining room is charming, and an old familiar detail. The unpredictable choice of cabinetry colour, is also a sign that someone plans to spend a fair deal of time in there. The darkened green, slate counter and black appliances feel so rustic, and yet the design is very updated. Interior Designer Michael Smith, painted trim, mouldings and the door to match cabinets, for a harmonized look.
The family enjoys the outdoors a great deal, so it's no surprise there is a beautifully enclosed screen porch. A place to sit and stay fresh, without the hassle of mosquito's or rain, and a fabulous wall of found stones.

The property has a long history, and there was a very specific location where the home had to be built. Careful consideration of local architecture and traditional coastal homes resulted in a seamless structure. The home is actually 5 separate compartments, that were addend in increments.

Architectural Digest June 2006, here
Architectural Redesign by Oscar Shamamian of Ferguson & Shamamian
Interior Design by Michael S. Smith
Landscape Design by Deborah Nevins
Photography by Scott Frances


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