Nature's Cues

While stumbling through the portfolio of nature photographer Juza, I started thinking about another portfolio I was recently browsing, Amanda Nisbet.  Much to my delight, I found these beautiful complimentary images.
Sometimes a moment creates inspiration for a lifetime, and although these images didn't inspire the rooms created by Amanda Nisbet, they can inspire rooms created by you. 

Dressed Up!

In the small town of Seaside Florida you will find more than just peace and tranquility Seaside is a coastal community whose way of life is easy and simple, with less motorways and more walkways. It was founded in 1981 and is a pioneer of the movement New Urbanism, a concept which makes small communities self sufficient, by making everything within walking distance. When the owners of this home first visited, they new instantly they wanted to live here. But the strict community guidelines for building meant they had to get a little creative on the floor plan. The house is built on 3 floors and the layout is upside down.

Designed entirely by architect Robert A. M. Stern Architects,  the home features bedrooms on the lower level, and more common living spaces upwards.  This would allow for spectacular ocean and town views.  The home has several terraces that are designed more like rooms, where the family occupies most.  It's obvious the architect was thinking upwards because every ceiling is also dressed to perfection.  From trim to panels to paint, there is no surface left untreated.                    The full story was featured in Architectural Digest, April 2008, and more photos can be viewed online at Robert A M Stern Architects.

Art of the Craft: Giusti Portos

 If you aren't familiar with this amazing portfolio, allow me to introduce you to this unique Italian company, Giusti Portos.  A family owned and operated business in Pisa, Giusti Portos began creating, traditionally crafted Wrought Iron furniture in the 60's after he was presented with the challenge of creating a bed.  Since then the company has grown internationally, and expanded it's line to create a line of hand crafted wood furnishings as, well as upholstered pieces, mirrors and lighting.  Each piece still made in Italy, custom to order, using traditional methods. 



Along with the incredible quality and craftsmanship that goes into producing each piece, comes the finishing.  Hand painted silver or gold leaf detailing, floral paintings, and brushed metal finishes on iron are just a few examples of how much care goes into creating these uniquely individually furnishings.  The company is also quite eco-friendly,using as many natural materials as possible including water based paints and glues.  A statement from their website boasts, "This is how every piece in the Giusti Portos collections comes into being; from the impassioned encounter of the love of tradition, craftsmen’s know-how and respect for the environment"  Shouldn't every company live by these rules?


Designer Advice: Rug Rules

In a world where rules were meant to be broken, it gets a little tricky trying to determine the do's and don'ts of designing and decorating.  So here is a new series to help you make the right decision for your home.   I am asking 3 designers for advice on common decorating questions, and design dilemmas.    This month we are looking at area rugs, and how to properly fit them in your space.  How big?  How Small?  All legs on?  You get the picture.  Mary Douglas Drysdale, Tobi Fairley and Barry Dixon share their expertise.

"Rugs come in many sizes, types and shapes, but I use in my classically and symmetry driven room plans, two basic shapes: first the "room sized" rug, which is fabricated to the shape and dimension of a room, leaving a modest border of 6 to 12 inches of finished floor showing, at the perimeter, and second, but most often, my plans call for the location of a defining "area rug", which acts as a frame for the furnishings scheme. I have equal affection for the simplicity of woven and textured pieces, such as sisal, as well as, the exotic patterning and colors of the classic Oushaks. I think a decorative scheme so much more successful, if the pieces are placed firmly within the borders of and clearly on a rug, or frankly and confidently off the rug, within the area of flooring, which surrounds the carpet, preferably with a consistent dimension, to further enhance the felling of balance in the room." 
You can contact and see more of Mary Douglas Drysdale's work HERE


"I think rugs play a key role in both comfort and cohesiveness of any good design. For me, rugs define conversation areas and add warmth to every space. I am known for the custom geometric carpets that I so often use in my designs. One of my favorite vendors...New River Artisans. These custom pieces add pattern, color, and texture all at the same time. I typically fill a room with the rug which often unifies all the seating areas for a cozy yet sophisticated aesthetic. My rule of thumb is 12-18 inches from the wall around the entire perimeter of the room. This makes the space look larger and encourages homeowners and guests alike to really use the entire room, not just a portion of it."   
You can contact and see more of Tobi Fairley's work HERE

Barry Dixon

"Generally, I like for the carpet in a room to be sized to accomplish one of two things: to fill the room, leaving a small peripheral border of the floor underneath as a “frame” for the rug (6” to 9” in a small room, 9” to 15” in a larger room); or to define a particular furniture arrangement within a larger space. As far as furniture placement on the rug itself, I like for primary pieces to “connect” with the carpet (at least the front legs of a sofa, larger lounge chair or case piece should be on the rug itself). Secondary pieces may be completely on or off the rug."  
You can contact and see more of Barry Dixon's work HERE
If you would like designers to weigh in on your design question, please email me. 

The Calm Space: For the Love of Hard Work

Ever since I began exploring art and design as a young girl, I have been in admiration of the work of artisans and craftspeople. I envy the ability to dedicate each day working skillfully and patiently with your hands and heart. I am the daughter of a blacksmith and a hair stylist, so I think it comes naturally to me to want to build and create with my hands... MORE
I am over at The Calm Space today with a little article on the result of hard work.

Villa Federico

Tucked into the rolling hills of Tuscany is this fabulous, rather large, villa that boasts 3000 sq foot of exquisitely decorated living space.  It is also known as  paradise for those of you who need an escape from the city and like to travel in large groups.  This seven bedroom estate is decorated with comfort and subtle luxury in mind.   Located in the Montalcino region of Italy, it is surrounded by miles of countryside, quaint bistros that offer local wine tastings, and a therapeutic thermal spring.  It is perfect for submerging yourself into the heart of a diverse culture.  Explore cuisine, meet locals, and recharge that hardworking body of yours.   Conveniently located 2 (plus) hours away from Rome, and an hour and a half away from Florence, it is the ultimate sItalian ummer getaway. Of Course, this getaway is for a distinguished guest at 950 - 1750 Euos per night.  But if you get organized you could easily share the cost with friends or family. 

Images from Italian Villas.

French Boutique

Antique Chandeliers, Rich wood Flooring, Vintage furnishings, slip covered sofas and a classic Settee are precisely ensembled in this georgian style home to create a sophisticated French Interior.  It is the home of Montreal Designer and Shop owner Julie Charbonneau, who specializes in highly refined French Style.  Take a moment to browse through her portfolio to admire some truly elegant and enduring style.

The picture perfect room above has all the classic elements of French Style.  Some of the most notable features are the leaded windows that make a subtle but intersesting statement.   The beatuiful Iron gate, whose other half flanks the other side of the window.  And of course the incredible antique writing desk.  This rooms is actually Charbonneaus luxurious office space.

The master bathroom certainly feels like a French Boutique Hotel Spa.  The full size floor to ceiling mirror with a pedestal sink mounted on it, reflect the beautiful antiques in this bathroom, as well as creating the illusion of grandeur.   The custom cabinets have leaded glass inserts that were salvaged from elsewhere in the home, and a pedestal tub that is elegant and inviting. 

This residence, purchased for it's location in Montreal, as opposed to it's old charm, was completely revamped by the Designer.  The soft white and gray palette add to the crisp and polished look as well as emphasize a wonderful collection of art and antiques. 

All Images from House and Home

Vitania Liscio

It's not exactly the 10th...

It's not exactly the 10th photo in my file, because the 10th was a logo, but this was the 9th. 
The image comes from my Wrought Iron folder, which is where I keep images for My Other Blog,  I started Inspiring Iron so that I could organize all the beautiful Iron Furniture photos I come across whilre researching for Verdigris Vie and Anvil.   I loved the Iron gate resting on the back wall under the gilded sconce. I thought that it was such an interesting design feature, and one I would love in my own home.  The gate details are also lovely.  I still have the orinignal photo that I tore out of the magazine when I first saw it. 

You'll see the rest of this place on Monday. I just realized I never actually featured this wonderful home here on Verdigris Vie.  

So what is all this business of the 10th?  Renee Fineberg tagged me in her blog post.  All you have to do is head over to one of your picture folders, and post the 10th image on your blog.  
Drop me a comment when you have posted so I can get inspired by your 10th images as well. 

Have a great weekend


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