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A little outdoor inspiration for you!
 I know some people like to get all their decorating done in a weekend, but I like to do a little a bit at a time. The lights are up, the wreaths are hung, and for the rest of this week I'll be making some arrangements for indoor and out..  Savour the Season!

Colour Play

Marshall Watson is definitely on my top 10 list for all time favorite designers.  I featured him before, (see here) when he was featured in Veranda Magazine for using the colour red, in the most beautiful way imaginable.  But today, it's his mix of blue and green that have won me over.   This South Hampton Vacation home, has a year round interior, with colours taken from nature, of course.  Blues, Greens, Grays, and yellows all inspired by seasonal changes in nature, from sunshine to foggy days.

I love that this style is achievable at any scale.  Some interiors look fabulous because they have the square footage to build a story on.  And others can be adapted to fit in any size of a home.  What a fabulous rug, it actually has green in it as well, it's such a bold statement.  You can visit Marshall Watson's portfolio, or see the story featured in House Beautiful.

Going Under

 The negatives have arrived. You know --1, -3, -6 readings on the thermometer. I like to think I am an outdoors loving kind of gal, but when that first cold hits, all I really want to do is hide under the cover of a nice warm blanket and drink tea.  Of, course that bliss-full moment will last less than a minute, because the kids will want me to play princess and pirates.  The blanket will turn into a fort of some sort, and I'll spend the rest of the afternoon defending the Lego treasure from dreaded sea and land creatures.  My favorite is the comfort and warmth of a classic cable knit throw.  Hand and Home made, this classic knit is always inviting and forever stylish.  Here are just a few in cashmere and cotton.

Cashmere from Elegant Linens

Cotton Throw and Pillow from Pure Living

Cashmere from Restoration Hardware

Giving Thanks for Friends

Wishing all my friends south of the border a comfy and cozy Thanksgiving weekend!
Hope you enjoy time with family, eating delicious pies, and of course, good ol' American football.

all photos from Martha Stewart

Crimson Delight

Who can resist a colourful bouquet to bring the seasons warmth into your home? I stumbled on these beautiful blooms on Carolyne' Roehm's site, while looking for some holiday inspiration.  The mix of flowers, foliage and berries create an inviting display of colour and texture. Lately I have become the master of arranging, the grocery store 10-Day bouquet into sophisticated table decorations.  A great tip from friend, Jeanne at Sophie Dahy, mix the silks with the real deal, to fill up your vase, and for long lasting style.    You can have a look at what Renae Moore did on her Project Monday post too.  I need to get busy.  

OH What A Night !

Pictures are rolling in and the talk of our Saturday Night Design Blogger  Meet Up has been incredible.  I can't tell you how fun it was to finally have the evening come together.  It was even better than I could have imagined.  I was thrilled to see everyone seeking out some of their favorite Bloggers.  Most were surprised to learn that despite working so closely over the last few weeks, Daniella and I had only officially met that evening.  I want to thank everyone for making the evening so memorable.   Enjoy the photos, you can see more on the Official Site.

Dane - 2 Hounds, Tonika - You Lucky Bird, and Pam  - Cherish Toronto
Love these girls!


Anita (Masco/Delta), Daniella -  Dress Design Decor, Me, Maeve (Masco/Delta), Dita - Cohn & Wolfe
What a great team the girls from Masco are, and don't forget their cool blog, Beige is Dead

Renee - Eat.Live.Shop and  Brittany of Pink Peacock

Vanessa  - Decor Happy, Ana - Second Wind,  Kelly  - Jax Does Design, Christine -  The Glam blog
Just a few from the wild bunch!

Linda - Simply Seductive, Daniella and Me, Connie - Sogni e Sorrisi
Connie and Linda were treated to GK Hair treatments earlier that day

Brittany  - Pink Peacock, Renee - Eat.Live.Shop, Julie and Jill from Housewares, Jo  - whitewash & co, Linda - Simply Seductive

The Calm Space: Experimenting with Harmony

What a crazy weekend!  The Design blogger Meet Up was so much fun. It was a pleasure to meet all these amazing and creative bloggers.  Celeste from GKHair, and Maeve from Delta inspired us with their words about blogging and social media.   I can't wait to put up my official post with details and photos of the night.   I am still having a hard time slowing down after the quick pace I have maintained over the last couple of weeks. 

I am at the The Calm Space today, sharing a few words about creating harmony in your home.  Actually the entire site is filled with stories and tips about living in Harmony.

Many designers can create a beautiful interior, but few can create a harmonious one. This month’s opening quote by Doug Floyd applies to interiors as well. You don’t get a harmonious space when you use the same colour, or layout.... MORE

Subtle Differences.

London based designer Veere Greeney was featured in the Nov Dec issue of Veranda Magazine, where he partnered with a paint expert to decorate this historic home.  It's filled with a mix of antiques, and custom furnishings, including a Billy Baldwin designed desk, and a new dining table to complement the gold antique Viennese chairs. The colour scheme is quite subtle throughout, and paint pro David Oliver, has a carefully thought out system for creating gradients of colour throughout.  He really focused on creating a gradual flow, while still giving each space it's own identity.    

 So good to see Veranda keeping up it's amazing ability to show case unique interiors. The issue is definitely one worth picking up, and adding to the collector's shelf.

Just a few days away..

I can't tell you how excited I am about our Design Blogger Meet Up this weekend. Daniella and I have been having so much fun putting this together.. I kid you not, at all hours of the night.  We can't wait to meet everyone, and put faces to all the beautiful blogs we read.

I couldn't let another day go by, without giving our sponsors a personal thanks for making this night so special..The wonderful team at GKHair, Sasha and Celeste for all the amazing things they have provided for us for the evening. As well as a fabulous team over at Delta, Anita Griffin, Marketing Brand Manager, Maeve Grady, Marketing Communications Specialist, as well as Dita Kuhtey, Counsellor, from Cohn & Wolfe!  And let me tell you, we have got some cool giveaways lined up. 

Needless to say, I could use a little breathing space.  And here are just a few places where I know I could get some.

A World of White

 Featured in Architectural Digest (Dec 2010) this sophisticated home designed by Alexa Hampton is a world of white.   Aside from being enormous, which rarely impresses me these days, this home has one of my favorite architectural elements, symmetry. The balance of windows, and built ins, and all the geometry create the ultimate feeling of calm and balance.  The homeowner was aiming for understated, and though the sheer size and crispness of the home and it's furnishings makes a real statement, it does speak to the "peaceful, beautiful and colour-less" calm they were after.

 Alexa Hampton notes the importance of delineating furniture in all white spaces.  It's the little details that make all the difference, the dark stain legs and the bottom of a sofa, studded trims, shape and silhouettes.  A great tip for attempting the all white interior.


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