Lookback on 2010

I have been looking forward so much lately, I have barely taken the time to reflect on the past.  This year has been pretty incredible. Among the many happy moments shared with family and friends, I also managed to truly experience the joy of befriending a wonderful design community.  One of the highlights of 2010 was organizing the Design Blogger Meet up back in November. It was an absolute pleasure to bring this community together and to meet so many creative and inspiring people.  it really fueled and energized my love of blogging and I can hardly wait til the next one. 

Here is a look back on some of the posts that really captured your attention on Verdigris Vie this past year. From all white to colours bright, you have got some fabulous taste!

Right off the bat, in January, you fell in love with the home of Designer Ty Larkins and his French Inspired home in Baton Rouge.  It was clear he made All the Right Choices.

A little colour play got you going pre spring with this fun post Orange Crush on Blue.

You loved the Runway to Room looks I pulled together for Balenciaga's Fall RTW lineup, It was Electric

And then from all that colour, to Colour Less

The Art of the Craft gave us a little history on this Italian furniture maker.

In September we visited the South of France, and La Bastide de Marie.  This was the location that Marion Cotillard was photographed for her spread in July Vogue,

A world of white awaits you, in this beautiful and symmetric home designed by Alexa Hampton.

And lastly, the Winter Expedition that was shot by photographer  Eric Valli for Hermes a few years back is an unforgettable journey.

For all time favorites you can check the sidebar title, "You Loved These.."

Cheers to a 2011,
and all the wonderful things I hope it brings you!

Design Obsessed TV

A couple of weeks back I watched a preview of a new television show launching in January called Design DNA, and I have to tell you I love it. Each episode features three iconic pieces of design, following the product from conception, design, mechanics and manufacturing.  It's fascinating!  Design Geeks our day has finally arrived.  From the everyday products we take for granted, like Umbra's Garbino (garbage bin) and the Adirondack chair, to the best in class, sub-zero fridges and miele washer, we can revel in a little design history.  You can check out some sneak peaks on Design DNA's facebook page.

Ever wonder why these products stand out from the rest?  You'll find out soon enough.

Frette Linens

Alessi Kettle

Le Creuset

Eames LCW chair

HGTV Canada Series Premieres
January 4 at 9:30 ET

So we now have our Tuesday night line up;
Dear Genevieve 8:30, Sarah 101 9:00 and Design DNA 9:30. 
Thank goodness for my PVR.

Genevieve Gorder: A Creative Force

Genevieve Gorder isn't your average interior designer.  Thanks to the power of television she can let her imagination run wild and make magic in just a few days.  As she heads in to season 4 of Dear Genevieve, I chatted with the Design TV star about her creative nature and passion for design.

So here is the thing, a television show about helping homeowners fall in love with their space again can't be easy for a designer.  A limited budget, time constraints, and confused clients sound less than appealing to me.  Not for Genevieve.  She loves the quick paced, dynamic environment that allows her and her small team to  imagine anything and make it real.  She thrives on pushing herself to new limits, despite the quick turn around and credits a very strong creative team.  "It's something that can't be done when you are working on a large project for a firm", she says of the incredible tangible and emotional reward of pulling together a beautiful interior in just a few days. 
So where does all this inspiration come from? Well, Genevieve is a well travelled, barefoot people loving type, so it's no surprise that she lets her senses guide her, through culture, or art, or even a humbling experience, "It inherently comes naturally, It's how you look at the world", she says. True, No?  It's fascinating to learn about the simplest object or experience that inspired a major project or artwork. 

So what excites her about design today?  That its not disposable. That marriage of old and new is here to stay. 'Recreating old designs with what we have now", she says  Adding modern colours to old pieces, and boy is she really loving that brass is back.  I had to ask,what trend she would like to see banished forever. "Enough blue and brown". Yeah, I am kind of done with that one too.

Looking forward to seeing what Genevieve has in store for us this season?  Design lovers, set your recorders because there is a lot of cool stuff starting on HGTV next week.

Dear Genevieve, Season IV
HGTV Canada
Tuesdays at 8:30pm ET/9:30pm PT
Beginning January 4

The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

Images from Pottery Barn

On the Table

What's on your table this Christmas?

Images: Martha Stewart, Jean Allsopp, Bowring

Hopeless Romantic

Stumbling upon this beautiful blog called Griege the other day, I discover this fabulous feature that left me feeling hopelessly romantic.   Chevron flooring, white on white, gold gilding, crystal chandeliers it's all quite perfect.  I would like to Thank the stylist for creating a real home with a fine scattering of purses, shoes, throws, and magazines throughout. 

You can find me over at La Dolce Vita today with a post on my Dream Home.  Leave it to Paloma to bring me this exciting challenge.   It's a good little exercise I recommend for everyone..

Pictures Via Skona Hem

Sarah and Tommy

 Last week, some bloggers were invited to chat with Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe about their new show Sarah 101 that launches on Jan 4th. It was a real pleasure to speak with the stars about the upcoming show, their creative process and their great friendship.

One thing I am certain of Sarah Richardson, is that her thought process for creating a television show is as organized as her design strategy. From Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah’s House, and now Sarah 101 her shows are geared towards relevant economic times. From DIY projects to tackling the renovation of an entire home, viewers could get a sense of what to expect when tackling a project. Now Sarah 101, is a step by step guide to creating designer looks at an affordable price. Where splurge and where to save, how to create a custom look, when to DIY and when to buy. Starting with a jumping off point, and where to go from there.

Did you know that once Sarah uses fabric on a show it never gets recommended again to any of her design clients? Think of all the schemes in the numerous episodes and the painstaking effort of not using those combinations in future shows. Forget about trends, the shows are filmed a year in advance

Sarah is a true visionary. She has a very unique ability to create the next best show, and has a mind full of ideas and concepts for future shows. Since she first started on Room Service she has partnered with producer Michael Prini, and it’s a relationship that has proven success.

If Tommy had to choose a designer to decorate his own home, other than Sarah, it would be his friend and Colleague Thomas O’Brien. Sarah is a little more complicated. Victoria Hagan? Miles Redd? It might have to be a team.  Sarah's home is her laboratory.  She is constantly updating with colours and moving furniture around.  In fact she jokes that if her husband gets up to put some music on his chair may suddenly be relocated to another area of the house.

Lindsay was at a design show with fellow students when she met Sarah, and was the only one in her class who wasn’t afraid to come up to Sarah and tell her she wanted to work for her. And look at her now! You gotta love that!  

This was a really fun filled hour with Sarah and Tommy. They are as funny and as smart as you would expect, and opening up the discussion to a room full of design obsessed bloggers was a real treat.

You can catch Sarah 101 on Tuesdays at 9pm , starting Jan 4th. 
We received a little preview of the show, and rest assured it does not disappoint.

Special thanks to Staci Edwards for sharing these photos, as well as to Deb McCain for pulling this little tea party together.

Design Social

This week has been such an exciting week, I had to take some time to share some news with you.  I have always been a bit of a party planner, so it's no surprise that when amazing opportunities come along, I can't wait to share them with friends who are equally enthusiastic. From TV, to interviews, to tea, here is a recap of a whirlwind week.
Tea and Talk with Sarah and Tommy

Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe invited a few bloggers for tea and talk at her office in Toronto.  The topic du jour, the new show Sarah 101, as well as some insight into their friendship and their creative process.
This story for MONDAY

Chat with Genevieve Gorder

Genevieve Gorder is going into her 4th season of Dear Genevieve and I can't wait to share with you details of our chat on Tuesday.  She is so cool, and so passionate about design, and the emotional rewards of working on the show.  More on this in a couple of weeks.

Time for TV with Steven and Chris

OK - so I missed the Stephen and Chris show when they invited bloggers to be part of the audience. On Monday, I decided to finally get out to view a taping of the show when my friend Jo Alcorn was going to be on..  Jo does regular features with them, and she is fab. Twitter helped me gather a few friends together, e Voila! We were even featured online at House and Home Magazine. Thanks Jennifer. Check it out!  The show airs on Jan 4th.

And that's a wrap!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend

Holiday Style

HGTV posted the home of designer Meredith Heron last week.  This all magically came together when Meredith was chatting up a storm on twitter, on #designtv.  When HGTV stumbled across the conversation, they got in touch with her to ask if they could photograph the place.  E Voila!  A beautiful home filled with some of my favorites, Box Wreaths, Peacock feathers and crazy branches. 

If you are up for some design chat, you can follow #DesignTV Mondays at noon on twitter

The Calm Space: Celebrate in Style

The Holidays have arrived! The parties, the food, the friends, the d├ęcor, it’s all here. So what does your home say about you this year? Simple or sophisticated you can pack plenty of style into your home this Holiday Season without all the fuss. Yes, holiday decorating takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. This year I am going all out kids style. Every couple of days or so, we work on a craft that we can display. This week it’s a gingerbread house, and bannister decor. Here are a few ways to celebrate in style, while keeping it real....MORE

I am Celebrating in Style over at The Calm Space today.  Hope you'll stop by and explore

Country Christmas

Two Canadian Country Houses, featured online at Country Living.  Everything is so laid back, and easy going just like the holidays should be.  I am a big fan of relaxed style, and fuss free celebrations, so these images really have me looking forward to some down time, and perhaps even a visit to a local farm. 


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