Auberge du Vieux Port


Every now and then we need a quick escape to recharge and recompose.  Far enough to get a change of scenery,  unwind, eat well, sleep and shop.  And close enough so that when you start to miss the kids, you can be home in a few hours.  I have found this place to be Old Montreal.  Especially if you like to cozy up in front of a fire, in a boutique hotel.  If you enjoy winter walks, and sitting in quaint cafes listening to soothing music, Old Montreal is filled with charming auberges for everyone.   Auberge duVieux Port, is on the water, and is beautiful year round.  There is much to explore in the area, and in summer months there is a roof top restaurant overlooking the Saint Lawrence River.  There are beautiulf historic buildings, museums and shops to spend your days joyfully.   Now,  all I need to to do is book a weekend.   

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  1. Oh those stone walls and wood beams are to die for gorgeous.

  2. This hotel looks fabulous, Vitania (and no, I'm not just referring to the sandwich)!
    Stone walls and wood beam ceiling...I'd be right at home.

    *Tania @

  3. Was in Montreal twice and it was absoutely fabulous...vowed to go back more which sadly we have not made the time to do. You just gave me a great idea for a get away come summer!

  4. Thanks for the travel reminder, a wonderful city in my own country. Must mark it down for spring. Gorgeous hotel. XO

  5. So pretty. I lived in Montreal for a year back in high school. I don't know if I would have appreciated it back then but, I would love to stay there now.

  6. Il doit faire bon de séjourner dans cet hôtel.

  7. I love Montreal but I've never visited this hotel. Definitely want to now! Maybe Valentine's Day...?

  8. What a lovely room - something I'd put in a "dream home" file, actually! I've always wanted to go to Montreal and Quebec City... maybe one day! If I do, I'll try and stay at this hotel!!

  9. Thanks for the tip, will have to try it


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