The Colours of Oscar


Cate Blanchet in Givenchy

The Academy awards came together last night to celebrate the talented work of some of Hollywood's brightest stars.  From the young talent who have burst into the spotlight, to the seasoned professionals who have earned their moments of glory, there is something very magical about bringing together so many creative and talented minds. Over the years, the Oscars have also come to symbolize the best in fashion, colour, and design trends. Right out of New York fashion week, starlets set the tone for the year draped in couture gowns, from top fashion houses.  The dress is never stand alone, the body that wears it, the hair, make up and jewels all work to create the semblance.

My top pick for the evening by far is Cate Blanchet in a lilac Givenchy.  Second to that is Florence Welch in the lemon yellow lace Valentino gown, that looked breathtaking especially with her fiery red hair. Hally Berry adorned in crystals, and Gwyneth Paltrow keeping the gold metallic trend alive in Calvin Klein. 

Take what you will of the night in talent, fashion and colour.  For me the tone is set.  A soft subtle spring, with hints of lace and sparkle. My girl Connie, at Sogni e Sorrisi did a more detailed fashion post.  It's aways great to see how everyone interprets style. 

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Florence Welch in Valentino

Hally Berry in Macrchesa

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein

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  1. Mila Kunis' dress was my favourite...I think she looked gorgeous!

  2. That Calvin Klein on Gwyneth was spectacular. Also, that Calvin on Jennifer Lawrence were my two favorites of the night. Gorgeous!

  3. My oscar would go to Mila Kunis's gown hands down..perfection between the color, the cut and the fabrics. I didnt' care for Gwenyths personally and though I though Cate looked better than ever, am torn about the contstructed dress (which I realize is very modern) but I did love the color and appreciate the art and work on the dress for sure. Halle Berry was a vision and Florence Welch looked great as well. Overall it was a pretty glamorous event wtih som real knockout dresses and looks. Biggest "losing dresses" in my book were Jennifer Hudsons, hate the volume and the color and it was too low cut and Nicole Kidman who normally does not disappont but did big time this time around..thanks for the great coverage!

  4. My favourite was Gwyneth- I thought she looked beyond gorgeous. Also loved Michelle, Cate, Camilla, Mandy and Mila.

  5. I was underwhelmed overall but, when everything is said and done, I liked Gwyneth and Jennifer Hudson best with Mila and Amy Adams next. Cate Blanchett was in a league of her own.

    Thanks so much for the mention. You're the sweetest. xoxo


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