Desgn Social: Quality In a Tweet


Yesterday, twitter was a blaze with some stimulating design conversation on  a special evening edition of #DesignTV* hosted by Amy of ABCD Designs, and Jonathan Legate.  The guests: Campion Platt, whose work is featured above and The New Traditionalists, furniture featured below.  The topic du Jour, Quality.  My favorite subject.  Despite being almost impossible to keep up, the conversation was a celebration of sustainable design.  From Construction to craftsmanship, beauty and longevity, and the immeasurable value of a knowledgeable designer who can bring you these exquisite pieces. It was a real pleasure to engage in a discussion with a passionate community. 

*#DesignTV is a twitter hash tag that was created by Amy @abcddesigns, and Jonathan @jonathanlegate.  Every monday from 11:30 - 12;30 ET you can hop on twitter and join in on some stimulating design chat and meet with some of your favorite designers, bloggers, celebs and more.   If you are still trying to figure out all that twitter stuff, you can read through the transcript and catch the higlights via facebook.

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  1. I've been pondering the twitter world, but haven't ventured there yet. This sounds interesting!

  2. TYSM! We truly appreciate your support of #DesignTV! xox ABCD

  3. The irony of discussing natural, sustainable living in a virtual forum. It boggles the mind!

  4. Sorry I missed it - I've never tried one of these twitter discussions. But this topic is one that interests me - quality, craftsman and timelessness - what I usually try to find and write about. Love both Platt's and the New Traditionalists' work. In fact, wanted that last piece but it's a bit too wide for my space.

  5. Thanks so much for the wonderful post.
    Devine Theater-good thing about virtual is we aren't using paper!

  6. I have not yet joined a discussion before, but it sounds like it could be great! ... and also, sorry, but I am completely distracted by that gorgeous desk -- I cannot help myself :)

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, lovely lady, xoxo

  7. Great dwgs!! Can't seen to figure out how to use Design Chat, maybe soon.

    Take care Vie,



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