High Gloss High Lights


Last week, the premiere issue of High Gloss Magazine was released to the world.   It's interesting to see how these bloggers translate their ideas into a magazine.  High Gloss Magazine is founded by Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita, and it certainly maintains the sophistication she represents.   Here are some of the high lights for me.

Striking a Balance

 Rise to the top

Feature on Napa Valley

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  1. I can't get enough of these virtual design mags coming out lately...
    And yes High Gloss has great features.

  2. I do love that ceiling-high "canopy" bed!

  3. Somehow I missed the pendant lights in image two when reading High Gloss but man are they amazing! They bring the perfect amount of sophistication to the kitchen.

  4. I enjoyed the feature of home in LA and on Napa - they were my favorite! Hope you are having a great week so far!

  5. Love the looks, classic elegance with a modern twist at its best.


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