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I think one of my favorite things about design today is that we are constantly redefining our style.  From over the top to the understated, the spectrum is endless.  In this Texas home, Interior Designer Jan Showers, smooths out a glamorous home, with a soft palette of colours that move throughout the house.   The beautiful light filled solarium in the image above has only touches of green, but the large palms that flank the sofa and curtains drawn to reveal the greenery beyond,  create a lush space. 

The contrast of modern art, fabrics, and some furniture paired with antiques and old glamour is brilliant.  Her style is still paired down, but each element adds a layer that fills the room.  The over sized pattern on the carpet, the curvy lines of a chair, the tufting or details in the trim.  another favorite accessory Jan likes to use is glass, especially Murano.  The photos here are from the website of the designer, but in the photos styled by Veranda, where the home is featured for March 2011, the beautiful iridescent glass is really hi lighted.

This was a collaboration between a home owner who loves forties glamour, and a designer who is knowledgeable and completely understands her clients desires. In the library below, a new energey prevails.  Deep Red lacquered walls, brass and plum.  This room is not featued in the magazine, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover it.  Especially since in the opening hallway images, there is a fabulous art piece by James Nares in red.  And I wondered, where is this touch of red coming from?  Well, here it is and its a brilliant and magical touch.

March 2011 of Veranda is pretty spectacular.  I'll be featuring a few more interiors from it on Verdigris Vie int he coming weeks, but I highly recommend you picking up a copy for the archives.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I have the march Veranda and it is a wonderful insight into gorgeous interiors!! Jan Showers never disappoints, she is amazing, Kathysue

  2. I agree with you, Veranda went an extra mile with this issue. It's a keeper, for sure. I won't recycle mine. :-)

    Beautiful post! Love it.

    If you have a minute, please drop by my blog today. It would be a honor having you there.


    Luciane at

    Post of the Day: Multi-Million Dollar Malibu House.

  3. I haven't opened my copy of Veranda yet. I was surprised to see there is a new editor! I wonder if that's going to change things? I hope not!
    Thanks for the lovely, inspirational images!


  4. What a gorgeous visual treat! I love Jan Showers, think I have her in one of my pics from my neutral roundup today. She is so talented and I love all the breathaking....have a wonderful day.

  5. Houston has some very talented designers and Jan Showers is certainly one of them. Maryanne

  6. I'll take a nice cold glass of ice tea on that back porch.


  7. Jan Showers has a gift for sure. These images are divine (embarrassed to admit I have not looked through my copy yet, but now I will be doing so immediately). Loving the palette, and the cozy sectional tucked into the corner blended together with fabulous art and a stunning rug....divine.

  8. what gorgeous rooms she has done in this issue.
    great post.

  9. Veranda is my absolute favorite, even though I'm a fashion girl. Yes, there are some beautiful homes in Texas; this one looks to be in the hill country & Jan Showers has done a fabulous job here. Love the library pic you found for us! Great post!!


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