The Natural Mix


I am  keeping the vibe from the Interior Design Show going strong.  I have been thinking of Brad Ford, and his incredible style that mixes natural, simple, and elegant.  I featured his work back in October of 2009 for a home that incorporated some wonderfully colourful works of art, against a beautiful backdrop of neutrals. Looking forward to seeing what he has in the works for 2011.  You can follow Brad's blog, Design Therapy, for a regular dose of his fabulous style.

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  1. Really comfortable and elegant. Love the paper whites.
    Mary Ann

  2. Beautiful decor, very unfussy-elegance, I am in love with the textures and subtle shades,it all blends together so effortlesly...just lovely ^_^
    Xox Meli

  3. We missed the show this year, but appreciate the glimpses into it--especially of the prevailing mood. If this is the vibe you took from it, it's wonderful. I love this livable style that looks as though it has evolved naturally over time.

  4. Love this beautiful elegant space!! So light and airy yet still sophisticated and chic.


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