Quick Escape

A vacation is nowhere in site.
And I have been looking for a quick fix, because I am feeling the toll of this long cold winter. Thankfully, a little piece of heaven can be found just a short drive away.  I think it's time to treat my self to a little Spa Day.

Photos:  Still Water Toronto


  1. I did the very same thing, went to a spa about 45 min. away had two treatments, went to a very special restaurant by myself with a great book and 4 hours later felt like a new person. We all need to take time out and relax every now and then.

  2. Oooo you should totally go! Oh, also, do you ever go to Collingwood? There's this spa there called Le Scandinave, they have outdoor hot and cold pools for like $60 all-day with lunch... it's awesome in the winter with all the snow!

  3. A massage and spa treatment would be perfect at this time!!

    Viera do go!

    Art by Karena

  4. you should go...have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Not a bad idea, sounds good in any weather! Maryanne xo


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