Red or Romance?


Emilio Pucci

Elie Saab



It's the weekend of love and romance, but not all of us are hopeless romantics. Your love is out of town, or under an undiscovered rock? You would rather celebrate on one of the other weekends of the year?  If for whatever reason, your aren't celebrating the weekend with chocolates and smooches, you can still celebrate with style.  It's the perfect time to gallivant in rich reds.  Take inspiration from these designers, who are mixing shades and textures of red.

May your weekend be fun and fabulous!

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  1. And happy Valentines day to you! I don't normally make a huge fuss over it, but we have a tradition of going out to a nice dinner with our best friends every we look forward to that and I do admit I try to wear something red.....beautiful fashions, interesting how they are mixing the shades of red!

  2. I love cooking for my sweet heart, it is romantic and so cozy...

  3. I have never been able to wear red, because I have red undertones in my skin and it doesn't suit me!! I stick with red nail polish, better then no red right?!

    If I could wear red I would want any one of those FAB gowns!!

  4. loved the variations on the red fron Lanvin and YSL. Great looks....I'll be happy in a month when we can wear green...;) Maryanne

  5. Il faudrait choisir, que j'aurais du mal, tant toutes ces tenues sont belles et gracieuses.

  6. This is a wonderful post. I completely enjoyed it.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  7. wonderful post. my fave is Elie Saab. And happy Valentines day to you!


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