Spring yet?


I have been catching up on my blog reading, and have been enjoying so many beautiful spring posts.  The colours, the sunshine, the food, I can't wait.  I am always so optimistic straight through to early March, and then we get that one Sunny day, and the snow melts away, and you can feel the sun kiss your skin in between cool breezes.  So when I awake the following morning to a world covered in snow, it's a little disappointing.  Here's to hoping Sunnier days come sooner, than later.

Photos:  Jean Allsopp

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  1. No worries! We will be complaining about the heat soon enough! LOL!

  2. Amen to that! I don't remember ever feeling so anxious for spring to make its entrance as I do this year, I think to say we had an exceptionally harsh winter actually applies to nearly every part of this country which is crazy but true. I cannot wait for the warmer air and longer days to arrive.....I think its going to put a little pep in everyones step:)

  3. Il va aussi arriver chez vous, ne désespérez pas! bisous

  4. Ooh I'm so sorry to hear that you had snow again. I can finally see my lawn and even though it's still chilly, there's that hint of spring light and air. At least we'll be getting more light starting this weekend!!

  5. What a beautiful combination of pictures, the colors are divine!
    Your wish is mine as well! To spring in all it's glory!


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