Sunny Santa Barbara


A little East meets West in this sun filled Santa Barbara home.  Home to a young family, the property has an easy and relaxed interior that is exceptionally inviting.  For the most part the home is streamlined, with white and natural hues, on walls and slipcovers, and then balanced with many natural wood tones.  A number of the art and furnishings are Indonesian.  Equally beautiful is the outdoor area, which is homes to numerous flowers and herbs, and event fruit trees.  Rose bushes, lavender and plentiful garden, can be picked daily. 

The window above the door and the Balinese mirror were added to increase natural light in the entryway.

I don't know how many times I have mentioned that I get weak in the knees for a fireplace in the kitchen, and this is no exception.  I do believe a raised fireplace is ideal in a kitchen, especially when everyone is seated, it's nice to it's warmth and have a view. 

Glass bottle are my latest fascination.  I have always admired how colour glass illuminates in bright spaces.  These turquoise and green pieces on the mantel, add character and charm. You can find additional photos of the interior and outdoor garden at Martha Stewart.

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  1. Je serais bien difficile si je disais bof!! J'aime particulièrement le hall d'entrée et la cuisine...
    Gros bisous.

  2. So fresh! I love every room. I dream of visiting Santa Barbara! Have a lovely week.

  3. Gorgeous...soft tones allowing the sun to enter and create a beautiful elegantly casual sunlit it!

  4. Lived in Santa Barbara during my teen years and its a special place , one that has tons of incredible homes. The interiors here are so calming and it.

  5. * Such a CALM OASIS in a usually "SEA of MADNESS" (I can say that~ I was born n' raised in CA!)... This makes one forget about freeway traffic, high taxes, etc., and is SOOOO INVITINGLY WARM & CHARMING...

    It's sooo true~~~ good things DO come in small packages!!! I could easily live here... I would LOVE to live here, in fact!!!

    Sunday Brunch at the SB Four Seasons is to-die-for faaaabulous, too! (They're so good they even TAKE OUT THE CALORIES n' CARBS for their guests! Grins!)...

    So glad you were able to share this with us! (But now I'm "homesick"!!!

    Warmest blessings,
    Linda in AZ *


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