Beach Blues


Atlanta Homes Magazine featured this beautiful blue home that was decorated entirely by the homeowner, who was a nurse for 20 years.  As a child, her family would spend weeks at the beach, and her home was inspired by the colours of the sea.  A spectrum of soft blues and creamy whites can be found throughout this delicately appointed space. 

The home is a Georgian which is known for it's symmetry, and the decor follows suit.  You can really sense the balance of space.  Whether it's shelving or antique chests that flank the fireplace or artwork, floral arrangements and occasional chairs in twos, you automatically sense the calm that only symmetry can bring. 

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  1. the palette is very soothing.
    just like the sea.

  2. I would have to call these interiors nothing less than picture perfect.

  3. beautiful images! have a lovely new week! xx meenal

  4. Love this home! Warm and lived in! Great use of greenery in each space!

  5. you had me at Beach! GORGEOUS rooms. I particularly LOVE the dining room with the chandelier, colour on the walls, slip covers for the chairs and their monogrammed to boot. Really lovely.

  6. Simply beautiful!! And of course love all the blues!!

  7. Love that chandelier! I adore bright, naturally lit spaces.

    ♥ sécia

  8. * NOWWWWWWWW yer talkin'!!!

    ...This is sooooooo warm n' friendly and UNpretentious, I could just relax ANYWHERE in this home, at any time!

    I... simply... love... it! It's calm, peaceful & serene , and shared with the beach, makes EVERYTHING PERFECT!

    So glad you shared (So glad SHE shared, too!)...

    Thanks, girlfriend!

    Linda in AZ *

  9. Gotta love that seafoam color! The chandelier brings a great look into this beach blue home.

  10. Very lovely interior!I like the chandelier blends well with the colors and the furniture. Great post, check out also 3D Rendering


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