Sweet Serenity


Take a deep breath and enjoy this serene space, designed by Interior Designer Gail Plechaty.  Sleek lines, warm neutrals and a selective arrangement of antiques have contributed to a space that in uncluttered and instantly soothing.  Featured in Veranda a few years ago, the home is located in a historic Chicago suburb.  Built in the early 1900's, it's been through a few face lifts before it landed in the capable hands of Plechaty, redesigned the interior and filled it with old world furnishings from various parts of Europe. 

The home also features beautiful boxwood and hydrangea gardens, terraces, balconies, and stucco exterior.

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  1. So gorgeous and yes I'm feeling the serenity from here ♥

  2. Simple and stunning. Love this post.

    Suzy xxx

  3. I love the consistency and how well suited the design is to the architecture of the home. What a wonderful space to recharge in...

  4. Such a beautiful house, I love the color palette of the interior and exterior.

  5. LOVE this - what a spectacularly beautiful home inside and out!!

  6. So pretty. The soothing colors are wonderful.

  7. Beautiful serene house, I agree with you.
    Big hugs from Brasil

  8. I love the classic look of the living room on the second picture. I also designed my living room with culture and history. It highlights my wallpaper.

    The patio / deck area is also amazing.

  9. I love the railing in the first picture, the finish on the chairs in the second and - I'm so happy - I finally found the source for that stunning black and white terrace image! It is one of my all time faves for our dream house, but I hadn't kept the source - so, thank you!!! Do you have a link to her website? I couldn't find one online...would love to see more of her work!


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