Breathing Out


Sometimes you need to find a little space to breathe out.  Outdoors that is. Creating the perfect outdoor space is different for everyone.  For some it's in the sun, for others it's under shelter, and then there are a few that have the space and resources to create a true outdoor room.  Complete with stone fireplace, and an area rug, comfy seating and even some draping;  rustic accents mixed with luxury.  This is easily a 3 season room.  All I want to do is have a seat,  take a deep breath, and curl up with a great book.

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  1. THat is one fabulous outdoor space ♥

    Great space to entertain friends too.

  2. If i could live outdoors all year around, I would. In the summer I always sleep outdoors in my little cabana of sorts. this room is so grand and absolutely wonderful

  3. i could spend an entire day in that room. and then another and another...


  4. I could spend A LOT of time in a room like that...gosh it looks so cozy, all I need is a great book, my dog at my feet a little wine, a little background music and I am good to go...beautiful!

  5. Love this gorgeous outdoor room. So elegant and comfortable yet easy!

  6. wow this is gorgeous! I need this outdoor space in my life along with a good book and no computers or iPhones! Thanks for the deep breath break today!

  7. This is stunning! It's going into my faves file, what a great inspirational pic.

    Suzy xxx


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