Colour Crush

This beautiful home appears to have come together so naturally. The light, colour, textures and pattern play right off one another. Make no mistake this is the partnership of a brilliant designer and a talented photographer. The colours that pop and make the magic happen are just a few simple accessories, pillows and flowers. They could easily be swapped for other punchy colours and patterns, and still have the desired affect. The base colour throughout the home are neutral shades of green, gray, and linen. The furnishings are accented with beautiful details like curves and contrasting finishes. The result is crisp and so polished.  Now all we have to do, is study and apply!

Photo Credits photographer Ashley Raubach, Interior by Alison Boyer of Belmont Design Group


  1. You are, just the right amount of color. Very elegant

  2. its a perfect example of how a little bit can go a long way!! just a few pops of color in the predominantly neutral home are really all you need to make it vibrant..thanks for sharing, Vie..have a lovely day..xx meenal

  3. De très très beaux coussins... Gros bisous.

  4. Nothing not to love...its just gorgeous and I love the little pop of color in an otherwise very neutral room. Fabulous.

  5. Very calming. Love the airy feeling.

    ♥ sécia

  6. A little pops of color here and there can definitely bring out the beauty of a space. Wonderful post, Vitania!


  7. Thank You so much for the post and for your kind words :)


  8. Oh my, what beautiful and fresh photo's! Love the pillows :) Great blog!
    -Jessica & Holly


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