Sleeping In


It was a wonderful weekend!  The Canadian Design Blogger Meetup a success!  We had so muich fun. I can't believe how worried I had been all week trying to make sure all the details were taken care of.  We gave away some really exciting prizes, including a $1000.00 gift certificate at IKEA and and IPAD2, and other fun items like Delta In2ition shower head, and the Touch20 Pilar, Design Books, pillows and more. 

It was the never ending night, my battery died and I couldn't get out of the car lot, when I finally got a boost the Highway was closed for repairs so I had to take the long way home.  I finally made it, and when I got to bed I thought, tomorrow, I am sleeping in.  At 6:45, the kids were already crawling all over me.  So much for that.  I guess I'll just dream of sleeping in.

So here is the dream; first I sleep in til 11:00 am, then I have a light lunch, it's off the outdoor to read a book alfresco, and then a long bath.  Hope you are having a great Monday.  Pictures of Saturday will be up soon. 

Images from New England Homes

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  1. It was a wonderful event!! You deserve to sleep in!! :)

  2. I like the bathroom, it looks very relaxing.

  3. yes, you deserve to sleep in :-) lovely images!

  4. Un environnement très serein qui me plaît beaucoup... une salle de bain qui vous invite à chanter sous la douche!
    Gros bisous

  5. It was an absolutely fantastic event and I was so glad i was able to make it and meet up with so many fantastic bloggers! Thank you so much for all of your hard work... you deserve a whole day of relaxation and pampering! (And great to finally meet you face to face!) xx

  6. You do deserve to sleep in and relax.So glad you had a great time at the Blog Event! Beautiful images.

    Art by Karena

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