The Softer Side

I am on the hunt for some summer essentials. I thought I should look for something that is a little on the softer side. Romantic ruffles and lovely lace add a hint of sophistication.and large dose of style! We will have to see what I can find, but if I stumble across anything similar to either of these 3 pieces, I will be one happy irl!

Image credits: Fashion gone Rogue


  1. Such beautiful pics! Have been pinning all three! gorgeous!
    Ciao! xxo R.

  2. You are so speaking my langauge, soft, frilly, delicate, lacy, romantic, ruffles, organza, love love love it! You captured the look beautifully..will take one of each please :)

  3. Those dresses are fantastic!

    ♥ sécia

  4. Gorgeous shots as well as the Blogsite!


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