Keep Cool


Is there anything else to post about today but keeping cool! This weather is phenomenal.  It's a welcome break.  Does anyone else remember how cold it was this past winter? I couldn't imagine living in a land where I couldn't experience every one of our beautiful seasons to the fullest.  So enjoy my friends! Call it quits early, head to the beach or the backyard.  Stay close to water, a sprinkler, pool, lake or ocean.  And soak in all that Sweet Sunshine.

Happy Summer!

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  1. Suddenly a crisp semi cool fall day is sounding kind of great....cannot lie. But once this heat wave passes, I am sure we will all go back to loving and enjoying summer, however there IS too much of a good thing and too much heat and humidity is downright uncomfortable!

  2. I have to say, accidentally spraying myself with the spinkler when watering the garden DID cool me down! Maybe I will try running through it next time it gets too hot!

  3. We are having the hottest day since 1999 today, so the pool is the only place to be! Love these beautiful images :)

  4. Oh those pictures just bring me warmth ..... I read all of your comments above and it seems as though everyone is having such a hot summer. I'm from Vancouver, BC and we are having the most rainy summer ever!! We keep waiting for summer to arrive so it's nice to see warm balmy pictures with a pool. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful blue skies.At the beach here in So.Cal its been nice not to hot. Love the pool images just speaks summer fun.


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