Where Sea Meets Sky


I am off dreaming again, this time in Mykonos Greece.  I can't help it, it's that cerulean blue sea that has been embedded in my memory.  I never made it to Mykonos, for some reason we decided to skip it. Trust me when I tell you, I didn't stay in any places like this, I think on one island we opted out of hotel accommodations all together and just slept on the beach.  Oh yes friends, it was long ago. I promised myself that I would return and experience it in style.   

Images and information on this villa from Luxury Retreats 

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  1. Absolutely stunning views. I have wanted to go to Greece since I could remember as my family comes from there. Maybe someday. Beautiful.

    ♥ sécia

  2. How gorgeous!! I have only been to Crete and just loved it. My daughter is dying to "do" the Greek islands - I'll have to remember this villa should she ever get her wish!

  3. Pureté, fraîcheur, cet intérieur rime parfaitement bien avec le bleu lumineux de la mer et du ciel...
    gros bisous.

  4. Maybe its a blessing you didn't go...you might not have come back:)

  5. Just beautiful!! I've never been to Greece but it is on my top few places to visit...for the design alone!

  6. The images are gorgeous, I've not made it there either, but on my list!


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