Gorgeous Gray


And here lies the dilemma. I know food stands out on the back drop of a white kitchen, but I look at this beautiful gray and adore it.  Paired with a mahogany top it's fabulous dinner or prep surface. It also happens to be lower maintenance.  Love the look with antique pendants and industrial stools.

Images via House Beautiful. 

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  1. LOVE it. The grey cabinets are beautiful, and they look amazing with the wood countertop on the island. The only thing I would change is the pendant light - I think a light with a chrome finish would add just the right amount of sparkle :-)

  2. I love the antique pendant...
    a statement piece.

    And yes, the grey cabinets
    though simple compared to others look elegant and classy.

  3. Beautiful gray, key is to have lots of great natural light or plenty of light fixtures, friend just painted her kitchen gray but did not have great lighting and ended up hating it, is now having them repaint an off white! An expensive mistake so I think gray is amazingly gorgeous but lighting is really important.

  4. This is so pretty, I like it because its more blue than a lot of the other grays which seem dull and lifeless. This is a beauty and love that pendant!

  5. This is such a pretty kitchen.

  6. Very pretty! The gray is unexpected but looks great in this kitchen.

    Jamie Herzlinger


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